ISSA warns tech giants: FEC regulation is coming if they continue to censor conservatives

(National SentinelCampaign Violations: A leading Republican congressman laid down a gauntlet for American social media behemoths Google, Facebook, and YouTube over their ongoing practice of censoring or “shadow banning” conservative political and media content.

During an interview with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Rep. Darrel Issa of California, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said Congress would be calling for an investigation of social media giants that includes TwitterThe Gateway Pundit reported.

“One of the challenges is these entities have special benefits, if you will, of being immune from, if you will the rest of the responsibility the rest of the media has. That can be taken away. In the case of Twitter and these others, to be honest, if they’re going to politic through algorithm they could well come under the Federal Election Commission,” said Issa. They could be considered to in fact be making an in-kind donation. They could have to register what those dollars are.

“For right now what we want to do is we want to get them to admit the truth which is it doesn’t seem logical that when they come up with a new algorithm it only seems to affect Republican conservatives such as Jim Jordan and the like,” Issa continued.

“It is the reason that both the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight Committee are trying to schedule on the first day back a hearing with Twitter to give them an opportunity to explain how this anomaly that only seems to affect conservatives.”

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The threat to investigate, which could lead to the imposition of stiff new regulations on social media platforms to ensure fairness and to make sure that all voices are being equally represented, came just ahead of what appears to have been a coordinated action on Monday by the social media giants to ban most content from Alex Jones and his Infowars news site.

Facebook, along with Apple, YouTube, Spotify and others took down Jones’ pages and deleted entire libraries of podcasts and video content over nebulous allegations of ‘hate speech.’ In other words, they decided on their own what constitutes “hate speech” and then took action arbitrarily to ban and censor Jones simply because they don’t agree with his political points of view.

The tech giants have now assumed on their own that they have a right to decide who is and is not ‘worthy’ of a voice, a platform, an audience. What’s more, many in the Left-wing media are cheering censorship of Jones and other conservative media because they have adopted the position that application of the First Amendment ought to be selective and allow only liberal progressive groupthink.

The last thing conservatives want is more government regulation. But what Issa is threatening isn’t regulation per se, but correcting a violation of campaign finance law.

Conservative candidates and lawmakers are not getting the same access to their own followers as are lunatic Left-wing Democrats, period. If that can be found to be a violation, then other conservative voices can’t be censored, either.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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These RINOs talk a good game but never actually do anything which is why none of them should be speaker of the house

rick Brooks

If we have learned anything about the Republicans in Congress it is that they are completely full of crap. They will do absolutely nothing, even about stone cold violations of US citizen’s First Amendment rights. I am soooooooo tired of the Ryans, Issas, et al

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