(National Sentinel) Bias: Last week a report from far-Left Politico detailing Russian and Chinese espionage efforts in Silicon Valley contained a massive bombshell nugget that ought to have been the top story for a week for every major news outlet.

In reporting on the ongoing espionage efforts, which are aimed at stealing trade and technology secrets, the news site noted that the Chinese especially are also conducting political espionage, as there is a large ethnic Chinese presence in San Francisco and the surrounding area.

As reported in the August 3 issue of Flashpoint Intelligence Review:

Spies from Russia and China are increasingly targeting American technology firms concentrated in Silicon Valley in California to conduct industrial espionage, but what’s more worrisome is that U.S. intelligence officials don’t believe American tech companies are prepared to deal with the growing threat. Because of the region’s “open, experimental, cosmopolitan work and business culture,” foreign spies are employing “newer, ‘softer,’ nontraditional” espionage tactics. Most are targeting trade secrets and sophisticated technologies. One former intelligence official said that recently one-fifth of all active FBI counterintelligence operations involving intellectual property cases came from the San Francisco Bay Area.

There is also a fair amount of political espionage taking place involving China, especially. While Beijing is definitely focused on stealing U.S. trade and technology secrets, it is also conducting traditional political intelligence-gathering operations as well. Former intelligence officials even said that China managed to recruit a staffer at Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office, who then reported back to Beijing about local politics.

Subsequent reporting by local media noted further that the staffer worked for Feinstein for about 20 years, including the fact that the spy was Feinstein’s driver.

The Politico bombshell report did not escape the attention of POTUS Donald Trump, who singled Feinstein out for ridicule over the weekend.

“The leader of the Russia investigation, Dianne Feinstein, had a Chinese spy as her driver for 20 years. And she’s leading the Russian ‘witch hunt.’ Isn’t that something? And then she says to me, ‘What did you know about this and that?’ Give me a break,” he said at a rally in Ohio.

To which Feinstein responded:

“(1/2) The FBI told me 5 years ago it had concerns that China was seeking to recruit an administrative member of my Calif staff (despite no access to sensitive information). I took those concerns seriously, learned the facts and made sure the employee left my office immediately,” she wrote.

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“(2/2) Compare that to your actions: attacking the FBI and refusing the advice of your national security team. SAD! I appreciated then and now the diligent work of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies and acted in the best interests of the country. Give it a try!”

Of course, POTUS Trump has every reason to be upset with the former FBI leadership, doesn’t he? After all, they were responsible for launching Spygate under the guise of being infiltrated by Russians. The James Comey-run bureau even used a bogus “dossier” gathered from Russian sources as justification for the spy operation.

But wait a second.

Feinstein said the FBI alerted her to the presence of a Chinese spy in her San Francisco office. Why didn’t the James Comey-run bureau notify then-GOP candidate Donald Trump about potential Russian spies infiltrating his campaign?

In fact, let’s recall that Comey also did not notify Congress’ “Gang of Eight” — the group of House and Senate leaders combined with the chair and co-chair of both intelligence committees — when his FBI launched its counterintelligence probe, despite the fact that it was customary to do so and despite the fact that it involved a presidential campaign.

When he was asked why he didn’t brief the Gang of Eight in a timely manner by Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., during Comey’s congressional testimony in March 2017, he replied, “I think our decision was it was a matter of such sensitivity that we wouldn’t include it in the quarterly briefings.”

The fact is, Comey didn’t brief lawmakers because he didn’t want them to know the investigation was taking place and start asking probing questions like “Why?”

Comey’s FBI tells a Democratic senator about a potential Chinese spy but he refused to tell the Trump campaign or Congress about potential Russian infiltration.

This only sounds believable or legitimate if you’re a partisan Democrat.

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