(National Sentinel) Pure Lunacy: For months various figures among the Left-wing pundit class have opined that POTUS Donald Trump is mentally unfit to be president.

They have intimated or claimed outright that he’s unbalanced, incompetent, stupid, unrealistic, and not ‘all there’ when it comes to his mental faculties.

The most recent one to make the claim is Omarosa Manigault, the former “Apprentice” star and Trump administration official who reportedly had to be physically removed from the White House last year.

In a new book (of course) she claims that POTUS Trump is suffering from “obvious mental decline,” making her the latest in a long list of Leftists and former Trump officials with axes to grind to make the claim.

But just who’s mentally unstable here — POTUS Trump or many of his detractors, like #NeverTrumper Max Boot, CNN‘s ‘global affairs’ analyst who last year wrote an article titled “I was a member of the Republican Party before Trump — now I want the Democrats to take over, and another jaw-droppingly stupid screed, “2017 Was the Year I Learned About My White Privilege.”

CNN boot licker Boot recently appeared on his network with a real Russian expert, Stephen Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies at both NYU and Princeton.

Within moments of the interview, Cohen managed to destroy Boot’s overused and ridiculously false claim that Trump is a “Russia” apologist because he refuses to start a war with Vladimir Putin.

Not even kidding.

As reported by Conservative Tribune:

The exchange was over Trump’s statement that he “had a great meeting, in my opinion — of course, the fake news didn’t cover it that way — but I had a great meeting with President Putin of Russia.”

Cooper noted that they didn’t cover it because he didn’t say what they discussed. However, Boot was of a more conspiratorial bent.

“Although he’s willing to threaten North Korea, he’s willing to threaten Iran, he never threatens Russia,” Boot said. “And that’s why a lot of American intelligence officials think that there is something highly suspect in the relationship between Putin and Trump.”

Cohen correctly found that assertion to be as devoid of reason and logic as it was devoid of truth.

“I have no idea what Mr. Boot is talking about,” Cohen said. “He wants Trump to threaten Russia? Why would we threaten Russia? You’ve got two nuclear superpowers–“

“Because they’re attacking us!” Boot, who was literally screaming, interrupted. “Russia is attacking us, Professor Cohen! Russia is attacking us right now, according to Trump’s own director of national intelligence.”

[Actually, Americans have ‘attacked’ Russians — in Syria. Boot is an idiot.]

“I’ve been studying Russia for 45 years,” Cohen replied, as Boot continued to talk over him. “I’ve lived in Russia and I’ve lived here. If Russia was attacking us, we would know it,” adding, “What did you say to me?”

“I said you’ve been consistent in apologist (sic) for Russia in the last 45 years,” Boot replied.

“All right, I don’t do defamation to people,” a visibly angered Cohen said. “I do serious analysis of serious national security problems. When people like you call people like me — and not only me, but people more eminent than me — apologists for Russia because we don’t agree with your analysis, you are criminalizing diplomacy and detente, and you are the threat to American national security. End of story.”

Boom. All Boot could do was laugh because he knew he was just owned.

But host Anderson Cooper then dove into the mix. He also asked Cohen whether he believed Russia was attacking the U.S.

“I know what you’re talking about: During the 2016 election, Russia attacked the United States,” Cohen said. “Yes, I don’t think Russia attacked the United States.”

“OK, and you just denied being an apologist for Russia,” Boot interjected. “You’re apologizing for Russia as we speak.”

“Will you ever let me finish? You don’t know what I’m going to say,” Cohen replied. “The meddling began right after the Russian Revolution when Woodrow Wilson sent American troops to fight in the Russian civil war against the communists. The meddling began on the Soviet and Russian side … when the communists formed the Communist International in 1919. Ever since then, Moscow’s meddled in our politics, we’ve meddled in theirs.

This is low-level stuff, what went on. It is not an attack. It is not 9/11. It is not Pearl Harbor. It is not Russian paratroopers descending on Washington. This kind of hyperbole — ‘an attack on America’ — suggests that we need to attack Russia. So you’ve got Mr. Boot saying that we should threaten Russia. With what? Does he want to attack?”

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Yes, actually,” Boot responded. Moron.

“I think Mr. Boot would have been happy if Mr. Trump had waterboarded Putin at the summit and made him confess,” Cohen said in response. “Trump carried out an act of diplomacy fully consistent with the history of American presidents.”

If the Max Boots of the country ever get their hands on power, it’s probably a good idea to start building that underground bomb shelter.

And these lunatics call POTUS Trump mentally unstable.


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