(National Sentinel) Civics 101: Most Americans who are at least 40 years old remember their basic American civics and government classes which taught how our government functions, how Congress works, what a republic is versus a pure democracy, and, of course, the Constitution.

Instruction was particularly focused on the Bill of Rights — the first 10 amendments to the Constitution as basic building blocks of a free and thriving society written by our founders and ratified by the first 13 states.

Learning how government functions and learning about our core constitutional rights is fundamental to the preservation of our country.

As Ronald Reagan once observed, we are “never more than one generation away” from tyranny if we don’t fight for our core freedoms or worse, don’t learn about them in the first place.

Enter America’s Left-wing, PC-driven public school system, which has, for decades, been deemphasizing our heritage, our history, our culture, and basic civics to produce citizens who are increasingly unable to recall what rights they have.

The newly released annual “State of the First Amendment” survey conducted by the Freedom Forum Institute found that 40 percent of respondents could not name a single right listed in the First Amendment.

And in fact, a percentage of Americans listed other rights from other amendments as guaranteed by the First Amendment.

The Daily Wire notes:

The survey of 1,009 American adults was conducted in May and June of 2018 by the Fors Marsh Group in partnership with Lata Nott and Gene Policinski of FFI. The survey has a margin of error of 3.7%.

When asked to name the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment, only one person was able to name all five. 2% of respondents were able to name the right to petition the government for redress of grievances; 12% were able to name the right of peaceful assembly; 13% were able to name freedom of the press; 15% were able to name freedom of religion; and 56% were able to name freedom of speech.

A whopping 40% of respondents couldn’t name a single freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of Expression. Freedom of Assembly. Freedom of Religion. Freedom of Redress of Grievances.


If there’s a silver lining to such an alarming number, it’s that it hasn’t increased since the 2016 survey. The number has increased since the 2014 and 2015 surveys in which 29% and 33%, respectively, failed to identify a single First Amendment right.

Some additional rights were also named, such as the right to vote (2%) and the right to bear arms (9%).

The survey also tallied the number of freedoms each person could recall. As stated before, while 40% of respondents couldn’t name a single First Amendment right, 36% could name one, 12% could name two, 8% could name three, and 3% could name four.

Only one could name all five rights.

If this doesn’t prove what a sick joke the world’s most expensive and least effective public school system has become, nothing will.

Reagan’s prophecy will come true if this trend of constitutional ignorance continues.

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