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CNN tried to get a soybean farmer to bash POTUS Trump’s China tariffs: FAIL

(National SentinelFake News Network: It’s getting really old listening to CNN‘s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta whine about how he’s being treated by the Trump administration.

Just this week he complained on air at a Trump campaign rally in Florida he didn’t feel like he was in America anymore and that Trump supporters shouting “CNN sucks!” among other things was unfair, harmful, and potentially dangerous — even though it’s the Left (which is triggered by the rantings of fake news networks like CNN) who have been violent towards Trump supporters.

Acosta and the rest of the clown show at his network do exist in an America that is far, far different from them. That was evident once again this week as host Brooke Baldwin attempted to bait a soybean farmer and Trump supporter into hating on him.

It didn’t turn out like she planned, The Blaze reports:

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin had to keep asking soybean farmer Mark Jackson if he would still support President Donald Trump after his tariffs began to hit farmers with economic difficulties.

“Are you supportive of what the president’s doing?” Baldwin asked on her CNN show Wednesday. “And you know we talked a lot, I talked to a pork farmer last week about, you know, this whole $15 billion bailout for a lot of farmers who needed it.

“Are you in support of the president and do you have any concerns that he’s fighting this on multiple fronts?” she continued. “Are you worried about that hitting you long-term?”

“Yeah, I mean everyone’s concerned,” Jackson responded, “as far as the direction that it’s going now, I think, as far as whether we support the president or not, it’s a matter that the hand has been dealt and I think at this point in time, let’s look at the bigger picture.”

“That China is, they are abusing the intellectual property rights and they are a lot of other factors involved here,” he added.

“Soybeans are just a $14 billion element in a $300 billion-plus maneuver here,” Jackson explained. “So I think from that perspective we are probably the biggest target because we are the smallest population, given that 99 percent of the people in the United States do not farm.”

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“But Mark let me just jump in quickly,” Baldwin asked again.”Last question, you say it’s the hand you’ve been dealt, but the hand is that of this president. Do you support this president and what he is doing?

At this point in time, yes, I definitely support what he’s doing,” Jackson responded, “and moving forward, I think for a long-term solution to a better agriculture I think that effort is there, because there’s only one source of food in this world and that’s the farmer producing it.

“Nearly half, between 40 and 50 percent of the soybeans grown in this world are produced in the United States,” he concluded. “China needs soybeans and they do need ours. It’s just a matter of the final price will be that we receive.”


CNN is one of the most dishonest ‘news’ networks on the planet. Network reporters and hosts may as well be working for Vladimir Putin because they way they prey on and hate on everything our president does as he’s trying to make things better for our people, in the long run, is a disgrace.

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  1. … and Jim Acosta is wondering why nobody likes him.

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