Tucker Carlson schools one-time illegal immigrant lawyer: ‘You’re a Mexican!’ (Video)

(National SentinelCitizenship & Borders: Left-wing supporters of an increasingly lawless Democratic Party love to equate American ‘citizenship’ on anyone who is physically present in our country.

That’s because they want to convert every illegal immigrant in the United States into a Democratic Party voter.

We see signs of that emerging in deep blue portions of the country, where local officials are adopting regulations allowing non-citizens and those here illegally to vote in local and statewide elections.

One such advocate appeared on Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson program Monday evening to push the notion that “We’re all Americans” just because someone has a physical presence on American soil — no matter how they got here.

Tucker schooled him like only Tucker can do.

The Daily Caller reported:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed illegal immigrant attorney Cesar Vargas on Fox News Monday, and reminded him he is not an American citizen.

Carlson and Vargas were discussing Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s decision to cease sharing criminal data with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), when the debate became personal. 

“Let me explain our system to you because I know you are here illegally,” Carlson said. “You made a silly point, I destroyed it. Let’s get to the real meat of this debate which is, how actually does it help the citizens? … How does it help allowing criminals to go unpunished, or to escape federal law enforcement?”

“People voted for those laws and you’re now saying that it’s immoral to enforce them. So I guess I’m the one who believes in democracy, not you,” Carlson replied.

Carlson said it would be “anarchy” to selectively enforce federal law and asked why immigration laws aren’t as well respected by the left as gun control laws.

Vargas says he now has a green card and that he works as an attorney in New York City.


“So why is this different,” he asked. “Because one is fashionable and helps the Democratic Party and the other is not. Right?”

When Vargas couldn’t provide a direct answer, the two debated whether or not illegal immigrants should enjoy constitutional rights in the U.S., or be allowed to collect money from entitlement programs.

“It goes to the concept of citizenship,” Vargas said. “As a nation, we have matured. From only free, landowner white people to now.”

“Don’t hit me with the race crap,” Carlson interrupted. “You have no right as a citizen of a country controlled by the conquistadors, you don’t get to lecture me.”

“We all are Americans,” Vargas said. “No you’re not actually,” Carlson replied. “You’re a Mexican citizen I believe.”

“I’m Mexican-American,” Vargas concluded.

The entitlement mentality expressed by people who are not in our country legally is astounding, but they’ve been conditioned to believe it by the lawless Left.

It’s up to the Trump administration to disabuse them of their mentality and reinforce the rule of law across America.


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So does this right of citizenship also extend to gringos who want to enjoy Mexican rights? Are we entitled to flock to Cancun and set up businesses and ignore all their laws, drag our extended family and take over the town and force their people to fund our medical bills, school our kids, provide us with retirement benefits for our aged relatives, allow us to vote, etc etc?

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