(National Sentinel) Graphic: Conservative actor James Woods has long been known for displaying sharp wit infused with perfectly-timed retorts when shooting down some of the most ridiculous garbage spewed by the Left on Twitter.

But in recent days the actor shifted gears in support of a hero female cop in West Virginia who became engaged in a brutal five-minute fight with a young male perpetrator she believes was high on something.

On her Facebook account, she posted gruesome pictures of her face and arms following her altercation, along with pictures of her gear and glasses which had been torn from her body.

In her post, Cpl. Kristen Richmond she described some of what happened, but also put out a warning with some advice to her fellow law enforcement officers manning the thin blue line: Trust and work with your partners, and train, train, train for the day when they, too, will unexpectedly find themselves in the fight of their lives.


Cpl. Richmond wrote:

Early this morning I found myself in a full-out fight with a 5’11, 195lb collegiate male athlete who was gooned up on an unknown drug (I’m assuming some sort of dissociative anesthetic). It was me and him for about five minutes.

During said altercation, my glasses were shattered and knocked off my face, none of my radio transmissions got out, and a ton of equipment was stripped from my vest and duty belt. I managed to stay in the fight and maintain some control despite exchanging punches and knees with the subject.

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I secured one of the subject’s hands in cuffs and maintained that grip throughout the majority of the fight. I also released my K9 partner and she did exactly what she trains to do; however, all the K9 bites, punches, knees, and baton strikes did not deter this guy. He wasn’t there.

The drug had consumed every part of him. After about 5 minutes of fighting, my partners finally found us (due to lack of comms) and, after several more minutes of fighting, we were able to secure him in cuffs ending the fight.

Hero cop for sure! And tough as nails.

The altercation and Cpl. Richmond’s actions didn’t escape the attention of Woods, who tweeted:

What a brave and cool Deputy she is. That drugged-out guy doesn’t know how lucky he is. I venture to say a less reserved officer might well have shot him during that horrific struggle. #BlueLivesMatter

In her post Cpl. Richmond alluded to that but said she never felt out of control during the fight and thus saw no need to use deadly force, even though the suspect went for her gun.

Woods is right: The perp got lucky!

Anyone who hates on police officers and seriously believes society doesn’t need them is out of their minds, plain and simple. How long do you think civil society would remain civil without them?

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