(National Sentinel) Speech Nazis: During President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, his team pilfered user data from Facebook and other social media in an effort to target voters with key content.

As Investors Business Daily reported, the Obama campaign encouraged supporters to download an app “when activated, let the campaign collect Facebook data both on users and their friends.”

The site noted further:

According to a July 2012 MIT Technology Review article, when you installed the app, “it said it would grab information about my friends: their birth dates, locations, and ‘likes.’ “

The campaign boasted that more than a million people downloaded the app, which, given an average friend-list size of 190, means that as many as 190 million had at least some of their Facebook data vacuumed up by the Obama campaign — without their knowledge or consent.

If anything, Facebook made it easy for Obama to do so. A former campaign director, Carol Davidsen, tweeted that “Facebook was surprised we were able to suck out the whole social graph, but they didn’t stop us once they realized that was what we were doing.”

That gave the Obama camp unprecedented reach to non-supporters as well.

Fast-forward to 2016.

Cambridge Analytica, a data firm, used a Facebook app developed in 2014 that involved the use of a personality quiz. The app managed to collect data on about 270,000 users and their friends.

“As a result, tens of millions ended up part of this data-mining operation,” Investors reported.

Far fewer than what the Obama camp data-mined in 2012. Moreover, while Cambridge Analytica used the data during the primaries, it did not use it during the campaign, opting instead for data supplied by the Republican National Committee.

According to CBS News, “the Trump campaign had tested the RNC data, and it proved to be vastly more accurate than Cambridge Analytica’s.”


None of that matters to angry Democrats because the truth doesn’t matter to them.

Even an ‘association’ between the Trump campaign and social media user data, to a Democrat, is a violation of sacred ground because you see, the Dems claim social media as their own.

Now, some months later, a growing number of Democrats — still furious over Cambridge Analytica’s accessing of Facebook user — want to punish conservatives further as well as the tech media giants. So they’re set to propose rules that would undermine anonymity further on social media and make it even easier to suppress conservatives and Trump supporters.

As Breitbart reports:

A paper recently obtained by Axios describes 20 different ways that Democrats plan to address the problems posed by Silicon Valley tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google. In particular, the Democrats want to put in place a “duty to determine the origin of posts and/or accounts,” effectively killing anonymity online.

A report from Axios claims that a policy paper obtained from Senator Mark Warner’s office outlines 20 different ways for Democrats to address the problems posed by large tech companies, the proposed ideas include everything from assigning a price to individual user data to the creation and funding of media literacy programs to better educate the public about the dangers of Silicon Valley tech firms.

The paper was reportedly prepared by the staff of Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) and was circulated within tech policy circles for the past few weeks. Axios notes that the chances of Democrats enacting any of these policies in the short term is slim but if there is a shift in control of Congress in November, some of these suggestions may suddenly become viable.

According to the papers, the three biggest areas that Democrats are focusing on are combating disinformation (fighting fake news), protecting user privacy and promoting further competition in the tech industry.

Make no mistake this is the latest Democratic effort to suppress any speech and expression on social media that does not toe the lunatic Left-wing line. 

“The size and reach of these platforms demand that we ensure proper oversight, transparency and effective management of technologies that in large measure undergird our social lives, our economy, and our politics,” the paper states.

“The hope is that the ideas enclosed here stir the pot and spark a wider discussion — among policymakers, stakeholders, and civil society groups — on the appropriate trajectory of technology policy in the coming years.”

Democrats don’t care about “competition” or “protecting user privacy,” as evidenced by the way they approved of the Obama campaign’s pilfering of 190 million user accounts.

They want to control information, period. It’s the modern-day equivalent of Nazi book burnings.

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