(National Sentinel) Tone Deaf: POTUS Donald Trump walked away with a 2016 election victory in large part because he promised to get tough on illegal immigration and crack down on sanctuary cities.

About the only thing that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has done during his tenure as head of the Justice Department that is even remotely close to helping POTUS fulfill portions of his agenda is to direct the DoJ to pursue with vigor immigration-related cases.

But the Republican leadership has — for some reason — fought POTUS and Sessions tooth and nail on immigration despite the fact that prior to Trump’s victory they all used to run on the very same issues of border security.

Republicans even passed legislation in 2006 giving then-President George W. Bush funding for a border fence along hundreds of miles of the U.S.-Mexico boundary. Even many Democrats supported it; the Secure Fence Act of 2006 passed in the Senate on a vote of 80-19 and in the House by a vote of 283–138.

That was then.

POTUS Trump has made a border wall central to his efforts to curb illegal border crossings.

Republican leaders have consistently sided with Democrats and refused to fund it.

They’re doing so again. Outgoing RINO Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have no problems funding Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills and sanctuary cities, but they are refusing once more to include border wall funding in the current budget.

As The Daily Caller reports:

Securing funding for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall once again seems to be getting punted further down the road by congressional leadership.

During a radio interview with WHAS on Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border will likely not make it into the next funding legislation, which must be passed by the end of September in order to avoid another government shutdown.

When directly asked if the funding of the border wall would have to wait until after midterm elections, the Republican senator replied “probably,” noting that it is “something [Democrats and Republicans] do have a disagreement on.”

“But most of the government will be covered and then at the end of the year, if we can’t reach an agreement on that, we’ll do what’s called a ‘continuing resolution’ for that little portion of the government spending that’s left unpassed in individual bills,” McConnell added.

POTUS Trump has threatened to veto the next spending bill if it doesn’t include funding for a border wall.

After signing the current $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill in March, the president vowed to “never” sign another like it.

“As a matter of National Security I’ve signed the Omnibus Spending Bill. I say to Congress: I will NEVER sign another bill like this again. To prevent this omnibus situation from ever happening again, I’m calling on Congress to give me a line-item veto for all govt spending bills!”

Perhaps it’s time for POTUS to remind GOP leaders what he said a few months ago.

Americans want the border wall and they want illegal immigration curbed. Republican leaders used to agree with those objectives.

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