Grassley FED UP with Dem delay tactics over Kavanaugh nomination, sets deadline for documents

(National SentinelTime Limit: Democrats in the Senate know they don’t stand a chance in Hades to block the appointment of POTUS Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

So they are pulling every trick in the book in order to delay his nomination as much as possible.

For one, Democratic senators are refusing to meet with Kavanaugh, laughingly claiming they have “scheduling conflicts” they simply can’t change.

Now they’re demanding to review more than 1 million documents related to Kavanaugh’s court cases since becoming a federal judge and his time serving in the Bush administration.

He’s ruled in more than 300 cases. It’s an impressive body of work. But Democrats’ insistence they see and review every page of every case is absurd and as it happens, impractical.

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has been attempting to meet Democrats halfway on their requests but like everything else in the age of GOP congressional control and the Trump presidency, they’re really only interested in obstruction.

Grassley knows the game and he’s had it.

The Washington Times reports:

Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles E. Grassley said Friday he’s hit a wall in negotiations with Democrats over documents from Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s past, and he moved unilaterally to request a more limited set of papers from his time in the Bush White House.

The documents are shaping up as the crux of the fight over the judge’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Democrats say they want to see everything Judge Kavanaugh worked on when he was in the White House counsel’s office and then later as staff secretary for President George W. Bush.

Mr. Grassley, though, limited Friday’s request to documents from the counsel’s office.

“As I have said repeatedly, I am not going to put the American taxpayers on the hook for the Senate Democrats’ fishing expedition,” the Iowa Republican said.

Perhaps one million documents relating to Judge Kavanaugh are at Mr. Bush’s presidential library — a massive amount of information.

Most Democrats have already said they’re not going to support Kavanaugh — before reading a single document.

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So what’s the point of gathering every word Kavanaugh has ever written if Democrats aren’t interested in anything but obstructing his appointment?

“The minority rejected out of hand multiple accommodations that I’d offered to assist in targeting material they believe is relevant,” Grassley said, according to the Times.

“Instead, they demanded that we expand the request to require a search of every email from every one of the hundreds of White House staffers who served alongside Judge Kavanaugh for nearly six years, to find records that merely mention his name,” he added.

That’s not going to happen.

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Just have the vote. The democrats are going to obstruct any way they can. Time to pull the trigger.


Set up the vote.

Donald Zemanovic

Since all the dims have said they are voting against why even bother giving them any docs?


Even if the Dems got a million docs, they wouldn’t even read it. They would just ask for a million more. They act like spoiled children who didn’t get their morning Cheerios.


Grassley needs to try to be an actual leader for a change. He certainly has not been one in the corruption investigations. He complains and whines enough. I accept nothing from him other than action.

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