(National Sentinel) Miraculous: During his eight-year tenure, President Obama doubled the national debt from roughly $10 trillion to about $20 trillion — after it doubled under President G. W. Bush.

The debt now stands at a mind-boggling $21 trillion, and based on its trajectory it will only go up from there.

Or will it?

During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show Friday, POTUS Donald Trump touted the red-hot U.S. economy which clocked in at 4.1 percent annual growth for the second quarter, up from 2.2. percent in the first quarter and higher than the 3 percent average from 2017.

The economy is red-hot because POTUS Trump and his administration have passed massive tax cuts allowing Americans and businesses to keep more of their own money.

It’s red-hot because the president and his administration have been steadily and quickly cutting red tape and ditching burdensome and pointless regulations that stifled growth and placed huge financial burdens on our companies while curbing investment in new, innovative products.

POTUS Trump has unleashed the U.S. economy and it will continue to grow as he makes better trade deals with our friends and competitors alike.

A deal with the European Union is already done. The Chinese want to talk.

Mexico’s president-elect wants to talk trade deals as well. Canada will come around.

In his interview, POTUS told Hannity that all of this tremendous growth will generate so much additional government revenue which he will then use to pay down our massive debt…which will then lead to additional government revenue as we spend less on interest payments.

It’s all coming together. The sky’s the limit. Trump isn’t the first president to express concern about the debt but he’s the first in generations to create a growth economy capable of paying it down.

And he can’t wait for the third-quarter numbers to come in…right before the 2018 midterms. And don’t think for a minute that isn’t worrying Democrats.


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