(National Sentinel) Censorship: On Friday — a day after Facebook lost one-fifth of its value on earnings shortfalls and declining user activity — Twitter’s stock fell dramatically for the same reasons.

Though stock prices remained about the same, Twitter’s value began tanking after the company released a bizarre statement regarding allegations the platform’s far-Left executives have been “shadow banning” Republicans and Trump-supporting conservatives.

While denying that it banned or censored anyone — like Trump-supporting Republican lawmakers — based on their political views, the company admitted that it censors content from certain users by claiming followers may have to go directly to the user’s feed.

To be sure, based on an investigation by far-Left Vice, Twitter most definitely is shadow banning several GOP lawmakers: Reps. Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and John Ratcliffe by blocking their names in the search bar.

One of them — Matt Gaetz of Florida — believes that Twitter’s shadow banning amounts to a campaign finance violation so he’s lodging a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

“The evidence is piling up that I am being treated differently on Twitter than people on the political Left and I don’t like that because I enjoy the Twitter platform, I enjoy the engagement, I enjoy the candor,” Representative Gaetz told The Daily Caller prior to filing his complaint.

“I would think that having won my election with 69 percent of the vote to serve in the Congress that the marketplace of ideas could accommodate my views.”

He added: “So I believe that Twitter may have illegally donated to the campaigns of my opponents by prejudicing against my content.”

During an appearance on Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson program Friday, Gaetz talked about Twitter’s “troll trap,” which he said gives his political opponents an unfair advantage.

He compared it to a billboard company that would accept advertising from one party but not the other — which he says could be seen as an illegal corporate donation.


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