Here’s why Cohen’s ‘bombshell’ claim about POTUS knowledge of Trump Tower Russian meeting…ISN’T

(National SentinelHo-Hum: On Friday CNN, MSNBC, and every other far-Left establishment media outlet ran with a “bombshell” report that former lawyer for POTUS Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, says the president was aware of a meeting that took place in June 2016 at Trump Tower in NYC between Donald Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Oh, this is it! Finally! ‘We’ve got COLLUSION!’

That’s the narrative anyway. Never mind that Don Jr. has said, under oath to congressional investigators, that no, his GOP-nominee father was not aware of the meeting ahead of time or afterward because, as The Washington Post reported, Trump Jr. said it was such a waste of time that he never bothered to inform his father.”

And nevermind that POTUS himself has now vigorously — and publicly — denied that he was ever aware of any meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower.

That denial isn’t under oath, but given that Mueller’s witch hunt has now extended to examining all of the president’s tweets, it’s about as close as it gets.

But let’s step away from the hype and the BS that the lib networks are spewing right now.

Let’s recall one vitally important detail that the libtard media desperados are forgetting.

Cohen’s “bombshell” isn’t a big breakthrough in special counsel Robert Mueller’s case because he handed off Cohen’s case to the Southern District of New York.

He’s not even investigating Cohen’s case; a federal court district is.

Mueller’s known about Cohen for months. He probably knows more about Cohen than Cohen himself does.

If he had a way to ‘get’ President Trump through Cohen, he never would have handed the case off to someone else.

He would have kept that baby all to himself.

Now, can Mueller retake the Cohen case? Sure — but he’s not going to because there’s no way to the president through Cohen.

It’s more smoke-and-mirrors as Cohen squirms and weasels his way to a better deal in his own case. He’s trying to offer up ‘juice’ on POTUS Trump to effect one. 

At this point, it’s also important to remind readers that what Mueller’s investigation really is about and has been since the beginning (since there never was any “Russian collusion” or nefarious, illegal conduct with Moscow): Impeachment.

Mueller is trying to build an impeachment case because he’s got nothing else. And this day’s antics will be just another chapter in that report.

Finally, Cohen doesn’t have any evidence to support his allegation.

Even CNN — in between breathless coverage — has had to admit that.

Byron York, writing at the Washington Examiner, noted as well that Mueller has handed off other cases, such as the recent indictment of 12 Russians — whom he handed off to the Justice Department’s national security division (where cases go to die):

What is going on? I asked a few former federal prosecutors if they saw any messages in Mueller’s move. The takeaway: These aren’t encouraging developments for those longing for a big collusion/conspiracy/coordination indictment from Mueller.

“I think it proves that little if any of what Mueller’s team has generated so far is linked to the special counsel’s mandate,” said Former Prosecutor 1. “Everything that is public so far could, should and typically is handled by either United States Attorney offices of jurisdiction; National Security Division attorneys, or even Criminal Division attorneys at Main Justice.”

“I think Mueller doesn’t have anything on collusion,” said Former Prosecutor 2. “I think we would have seen it. I don’t see anything that looks like there’s a crime lurking — maybe he’s got eight indictments under seal, but to me, it makes no sense. All of this says to me there is no there there.”

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Mueller & associates used the raid on Cohen to obtain damaging info on Cohen to pressure him into a false allegation.

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