(National Sentinel) Political: House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes’ panel has already concluded that special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is nothing but a baseless witch hunt because the panel hasn’t found a shred of evidence the 2016 Trump campaign committed any crimes.

What’s more, the California Republican has stated clearly and emphatically that his panel hasn’t found any evidence at all that Spygate was launched because the Obama administration had evidence a crime had been committed.

It was all political, Nunes has said.

Now he wants to know more about the spies informants that the Obama’s FBI and Justice Department placed, or attempted to place, in the Trump campaign — specifically, whether they began spying on the campaign before they were authorized.

In an interview with The Hill‘s Buck Sexton, Nunes said he expects to ask Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein that very question:

“It’s one of the outstanding questions that we have for the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. We’ve had that question out to them for pretty much three months now. They have not answered it yet,” Nunes told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton, who sat down with the lawmaker on Wednesday. 

Is it your belief it is likely that there was activity going on in advance of the start of that official FBI investigation?” Sexton asked. 

“I will just tell you we wouldn’t be asking those questions if we didn’t think we had some suspicion of that,” Nunes responded. “The problem with this is, running informants into political campaigns, or political campaign actors on the counterintelligence side especially, is a major problem.”

“It’s because we give special powers to our counterintelligence officials because really a lot of Americans’ basic rights are taken away through that process because it’s dealing with national security, it’s usually high level,” he continued. 

“So there should be a very high bar before you open up a counterintelligence investigation. So, if you are running informants into campaigns before or after you open an official investigation, most Americans, when you sit them down and talk to them, they know that that’s something really bad and that only happens in third world countries,” he said.

Like an onion, there are so many layers to Spygate. But we applaud Chairman Nunes and a handful of other Republicans who are trying to get to the bottom of the biggest scandal in the history of our country.

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