(National Sentinel) Disgraceful: Longtime readers of The National Sentinel know that we have called out Attorney General Jeff Sessions time and time again for failing to rein in the bogus Robert Mueller witch hunt and ensure that Congress received documents it requests in its oversight role as lawmakers continue to probe Spygate and other Obama-era scandals.

After all, we thought, Sessions — despite being AG and a former federal prosecutor — would remember that he was a long-serving member of Congress prior to accepting POTUS Trump’s invitation to head up the Justice Department.

But instead of deferring to Congress’ constitutional role of providing oversight of all the Executive Branch agencies it funds, Sessions has become the lead obstacle to Congress’ pursuit of information pertaining to the biggest political scandal in the history of our country.

He knows his president boss is innocent of the ridiculous allegation that he “colluded” with Russia or that he “obstructed justice” when he fired James Comey for being the most politicized FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover.

And yet he continues to allow his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, to be the gatekeeper of information sought by Congress as it attempts to provide the American people with answers about why Obama put the Trump campaign under surveillance without any actionable intelligence to justify it.

And now, after 11 Republican lawmakers file an impeachment resolution against Rosenstein for obstructing their investigation, stonewalling, and abuse of the FISA court, here comes Sessions, who’s normally AWOL, to defend Rosenstein and the Deep State he represents. 

Reuters reports:

Rosenstein’s boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, expressed confidence in the career civil servant and took a swipe at the lawmakers pushing for his ouster.

“My deputy, Rod Rosenstein, is highly capable. I have the highest confidence in him,” Sessions said during an appearance in Boston.

“What I would like Congress to do is to focus on some of the legal challenges that are out there,” including illegal immigration, the attorney general added.

That is absolutely disgraceful. There’s no other way to describe it.

As Reuters noted, RINO House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is thankfully retiring back to Wisconsin, also doesn’t support Rosenstein’s impeachment — which means he and Sessions are of like mind in that they do support Rosenstein’s

— signing of the third FISA warrant application used to spy on Trump campaign figure Carter Page though it was based on a piece of bogus political opposition research, not real intelligence;

— his constant obstruction of legitimate congressional investigative efforts that has included heavy redacting of information that need not be redacted;

— and his threats against GOP staffers working on behalf of lawmakers and the American people to get to the bottom of Spygate and the joke Hillary Clinton email investigation.

POTUS Donald Trump should immediately fire Jeff Sessions and order Rod Rosenstein to turn over every single document, unredacted, to congressional committees so they can finish their investigations.

Jeff Sessions isn’t serving the president or the American people. He’s become a tool of the Deep State.

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