(National Sentinel) No MoJo: The Left-wing establishment media’s influence has been waning for years, but in past times whenever the corporate press collectively flexed its muscles and went after [insert Republican officeholder or pundit here] they usually got their person.

The ‘offending’ Republican would resign in disgrace, humbly fade into the background after multiple mea culpas, and remain in exile for an appropriate amount of time until allowed to re-enter the public sphere as a “politically rehabilitated” individual.

The media does not have that power anymore, as evidenced by the fact that despite non-stop negative coverage and loads of daily political noise, they can’t get POTUS Trump’s approval figures to drop by any real amount.

And one graph demonstrates the pathetic media’s lack of influence perfectly, as Breitbart News‘ Joel Pollack notes:

Over the past two weeks, as the establishment media have accused him of being both a “Nazi” and a “traitor,” President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has held steady — and even improved a tad.

Below is a screenshot of the Real Clear Politics poll of polls graph that shows Trump’s approval rating over the last 14 days. The red line is Trump’s disapproval rating, the black is his approval rating. The two almost perfectly flat lines are superb symbols of the death of the media’s influence on public opinion.

To wit:

Poll after poll shows that the public is losing faith…in the pathetic, disgustingly dishonest establishment media.

Pollack notes further:

Voters are also sticking with Trump because his critics in the media and elsewhere are so over-the-top in their fevered hate, in their unhinged hyperbole, that by comparison, despite his mistakes and shortcomings, Trump remains the preferred alternative.

Finally, voters are much more interested in actions than words. While Trump can be crude and belligerent, his policies are working. The economy is thriving, North Korea is not firing off missiles and threatening nuclear war, ISIS is all but destroyed, and Russia seems a lot less adventurous than it was under Obama when Putin maneuvered unchecked into the Crimea and Middle East.

Under Trump, America is at relative peace and prosperity is rising.

Only the establishment media won’t report it because they’re obsessed with Trump hate.

They’ve lost their mojo. They can’t separate POTUS Trump’s supporters from him.

And it’s driving them crazy.

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