(National Sentinel) Denuclearization: In June POTUS Donald Trump held a historic summit with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, in an attempt to negotiate an agreement that would lead to Pyongyang’s complete denuclearization.

The summit came after months of back-channel talks and face-to-face meetings between Kim and U.S. officials including then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who’s now secretary of state.

Within a few weeks of the meeting, some of the same Left-wing hack Democrats and media types who were just sure a year ago POTUS Trump was going to provoke Kim into starting a nuclear war were diming the president out over a ‘lack of progress’ since Kim and POTUS signed an agreement that would lead, in time, to denuclearization.

‘Trump got punked,’ they said.

Trump’s a fool! they screeched.

No way Kim Jong-un will give up his nuclear weapons and supporting infrastructure.

Oh, really? Because he seems to be doing just that.

As Fox News reports, a private-sector U.S.-based research group noted that North Korea has begun dismantling “key facilities” linked to its missile program:

An American research group on Monday claimed that North Korea has begun dismantling its main missile-engine test site, a possible sign that Pyongyang is fulfilling the promises North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made to President Trump at the summit in Singapore last month.

According to an analysis of satellite imagery of the location by the North Korea-focused 38 North website– between July 20 and 22–the North Korean government appeared to be dismantling the Sohae launch site.

Some facilities on the site were either razed or taken apart. The facilities included a rocket engine test stand, which is used to develop liquid-fuel engines for ballistic missiles. Another facility was identified as a space-launch vehicles and a rail-mounted processing building.

“Since these facilities are believed to have played an important role in the development of technologies for the North’s intercontinental ballistic missile program, these efforts represent a significant confidence building measure on the part of North Korea,” analyst Joseph Bermudez wrote in the 38 North report, as Fox News reported.

Bermudez added that the satellite images indicate that Pyongyang took “an important first step toward fulfilling a commitment made by Kim Jong-un.”

South Korean officials said their intelligence service had also detected the activity.

It’s important to note these are vital test facilities because they were being used to perfect nuclear warhead-tipped ICBMs.

Nobel Peace Prize for POTUS Trump, anyone?

It’s still too early for that, most likely, but hey, remember when Barack Obama got one just for saying he wanted a nuclear-free world — like a month into his first term?

The Left’s only objective is to see this president fail — even if it means he fails at denuclearizing a threatening power.

What sickos. 

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