(National Sentinel) Chilling: The hysteria surrounding POTUS Donald Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin has led more than a few politicians and pundits to say some ridiculous and extreme things.

The post-summit narrative that is the most extreme, however, is that POTUS Trump somehow ‘sold out’ America (our America First president, by the way) and that he’s a “traitor” — that because he didn’t tackle Putin at the dais in front of reporters and handcuff him means he’s treasonous.

Sen. John McCain, the quintessential Deep Stater who gave a copy of the “Russia dossier” to the FBI, called what was a simple summit between two great powers “disgraceful” and “pathetic” (two terms he should be intimately familiar with, given his scandal-laden past).

It’s beyond stupid to believe that nonsense, which means the outlandish accusations and behavior is aimed at discrediting the president and taking attention away from what may be revealed in the coming days and weeks following the summit.

What did Putin tell Trump in private? What information was exchanged?

What’s gotten everyone so worked up that one former CIA operative is now openly calling for the “shadow government” — the Deep State — to take POTUS Trump OUT.

What in the world?

Per Breitbart News:

CNN analyst and former CIA intelligence official Philip Mudd wondered aloud Monday when a shadow government will emerge to oppose President Donald Trump following a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.


COOPER: Senator McCain is saying [the joint Trump-Putin press conference] was the most disgraceful display essentially by an American president on the world stage. Phil do you agree with that?

MUDD: I do, but you have to step back even a short time after this and say, what next? You’ve seen senators come out. In the past, you’ve seen a senator in the midst of a painful illness, Senator McCain, Senators like Jeff Flake who are leaving the Senate. Now you see Marco Rubio still obviously in the fight speaking out.

My question would be: when do members of the president’s inner circle say “look, we have an overseas dilemma where you are portraying us, in terms of the American government, as worse than a tyrant — that is, Vladimir Putin.”

Secretary of Homeland Security came out with statements this week about continued Russian interference. This was not on Obama’s watch. That’s this week. FBI director continues the investigation. Department of Justice continues support for the investigation. Congress continues saying this investigation’s legitimate.

Curious point in American government: when do we see almost a shadow government come out and say “we cannot side with the government,” whether it’s the Cabinet or the Senate?

It appears as though we’ve got an official answer to the question, “Is the Deep State real?”

Yes, and the unhinged members of it who cannot stand the fact that POTUS Trump is operating on his own, without them.

When you hear otherwise rational people say things like this, we’re living in dangerous times.


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