(National Sentinel) Doubling Down on Stupidity: For years San Francisco has had a homeless problem, but it’s one of the city’s own making because the liberal Democrats who have been in charge refuse to seriously address it.

As such, today the city is inundated with homeless people. Once it became widely known that the city would tolerate massive numbers of homeless people using the streets for a toilet, they came in droves.

San Fran’s new mayor, London Breed, is aghast at how massive the problem of poo-covered streets has become.

She told a local news broadcast recently, “I will say there is more feces on the sidewalks than I’ve ever seen growing up here. That is a huge problem and we are not just talking about from dogs — we’re talking about from humans.”

So, what to do about it? Get serious about clearing San Fran streets of homeless people and thus cleaning up the surrounding environment so that residents and tourists aren’t exposed to disease-laden human waste?

Of course not.

Breed’s plan is to ask the homeless to please, please, please clean up after themselves.

That’ll do it!

As reported by NBC Bay Area:

When pressed about whether her plan calls for harsher penalties against those who litter or defecate on city streets, Breed said “I didn’t express anything about a penalty.”  Instead, the mayor said she has encouraged nonprofits “to talk to their clients, who, unfortunately, were mostly responsible for the conditions of our streets.

A citywide homeless survey found that 39 percent of those living on the street have mental issues…so good luck with having nonprofits “talk to their clients.”


“”I work hard to make sure your programs are funded for the purposes of trying to get these individuals help, and what I am asking you to do is work with your clients and ask them to at least have respect for the community — at least, clean up after themselves and show respect to one another and people in the neighborhood,” Breed continued.

Is this a bit like putting up a “No Guns Allowed” sign and expecting armed criminals to observe and follow it?

We hate to break it to Mayor Breed, but this isn’t going to solve her homeless problem or the fact that the streets of San Francisco will continue to run brown with feces.

Then, of course, there is the city’s drug problem and used needles in the street.

This is the Left’s idea of utopia?

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