(National Sentinel) Hypocrite: POTUS Donald Trump refused to take a question from CNN clown Jim Acosta while he was in Britain last week, calling him and his network “fake news” and “not a real network.”

It was a moment of delight for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas.

“I loved the fact that the president wouldn’t take a question from CNN. It was a great moment and it just shows what people are talking about — they’re trying to find this nitpicking little stuff … to put Trump in the worst of light,” he said.


Jim Acosta is a hack. He’s a Democratic activist pretending to be a journalist. So are the rest of the hacks at CNN. Like talk radio giant Mark Levin is fond of saying, they are a “conga line” of clowns.

Speaking of which, on Saturday another member of the conga line, Michael Smerconish, ranted Saturday morning, calling the Russian election meddling “a terror strike.”

What set him off (this time) was a tweet from a viewer inquiring as to whether he’d hold President Obama responsible for it, since, you know, it happened on his watch.

Smerconish demured and then excused the former commander-in-chief.

And then he put the onus on POTUS Trump, whose administration has been completely hamstrung in its dealings with one of the world’s biggest nuclear powers because of a fake, phony, BS special counsel probe.

“Here’s what I’m looking for, instead of this going on between liberals and conservatives, Republican and Democrats, what happened to when we were united against a common enemy?” Smerconish asked rhetorically, according to The Daily Caller. “This was terrorism. We were the victims of a terror strike and will the commander-in-chief on Monday hold accountable the presumed perpetrator of that terror strike?”

POTUS Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

“Stop all the liberal, conservative red state, blue state stuff. Our partisan differences used to end at the water’s edge,” he continued.

So in other words, no, he won’t hold Obama to any account whatsoever.

And by the way, when it came to the Left-wing media, partisanship has never “end at the water’s edge” when it came to blasting Republican presidents.

Not only is Smerconish a hack and disingenuous, he has trouble with telling the truth.

No wonder HGTV and the Cartoon Channel are more popular than CNN and the other bottom-feeder pretend-news network, MSNBC.

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