(National Sentinel) Desperation: By now it has become abundantly clear that FBI official Peter Strzok, who led the bogus Hillary email investigation and demonstrated clear bias against then-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, is a principal conspirator in Spygate, the phony “Russian collusion” investigation launched to keep the 2016 Trump campaign under surveillance.

As bad as the tanked Hillary investigation was — she clearly violated statutes governing the handling of classified information — Spygate was worse.

It amounted to the Obama administration using the full weight of federal law enforcement and intelligence to spy on a rival political campaign the way a tin-pot authoritarian would in a banana republic.

Strzok, who refused to answer most questions during an earlier appearance on Capitol Hill, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee today and right out of the gate, as Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., attempting to ask him a simple question he became defensive and non-compliant.

And Democrats desperate to help him cover up the greatest political scandal in our history did everything they could to gum up the hearing and prevent Strzok’s testimony.

It was truly a disgrace. But we’re used to that from Democrats.

Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., desperately tried to regain control over the hearing but was constantly interrupted by Democrats improperly raising inappropriate points of order.

Voices were raised. Demands were made.

Democrats turned it into a circus!

After several minutes of chaos, Goodlatte threatened Strzok with contempt of Congress.

It’s obvious: Democrats are desperate to keep Strzok from telling the truth about what happened during Obama’s reign of corruption. 



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