(National Sentinel) Self-Defense: For years the hypocritical Left pined for the break up of the NATO military alliance because they deemed it useless and warlike. Plus, the alliance was overseen by the United States, which they have been brainwashed into hating.

Now that Donald Trump is president, NATO is aces and the most valuable alliance the U.S. could ever hope to have.

You can tell by the mindless, unhinged establishment media coverage of the NATO summit now taking place in Brussels, Belgium, where POTUS Trump is being portrayed as barbaric, stupid, and undiplomatic for demanding our allies pay their fair share for their own defense.

Mind you, NATO leaders expected POTUS Trump to show up and criticize their dismal contributions to the alliance’s overall readiness and their decades-long reluctance to spend an agreed-upon amount (1-2 percent of their respective GDP) on their militaries.

He did that.

“These countries have to step it up — not over a 10 year period, they have to step it up immediately,” Trump said.

“We’re protecting Germany, France and everybody… this has been going on for decades,” Trump added. “We can’t put up with it and it’s inappropriate.”

He is exactly right. The U.S has been spending about 4 percent of our GDP on our military. The U.S. has long had a sizeable military presence on the European continent. The U.S. continues to invest in its military, while NATO countries ride on our coattails and exist under the protective umbrella American taxpayers provide.

But Trump went further in his criticism.

He also lashed out at Germany — NATO’s wealthiest European member — for its consistent underfunding of its own military.

From fighter planes to tanks to simple field gear, the German military is a shambles.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is spending billions on a direct natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, a ‘special deal’ worked out with President Vladimir Putin that will see the construction of the pipeline, called Nordic Stream 2, bypass all other NATO countries.


It’s the kind of deal that works against NATO unity. It’s the kind of deal that isn’t supposed to be made.

And let’s not forget that NATO exists today primarily as a check on Russia.

What would happen in a crisis where, say, a small Baltic State member is invaded by “little green men” of the type who invaded and occupied Crimea — who Putin later identified as Russian soldiers?

What would Germany do? If NATO responded, as it must per the treaty’s Article 5 mutual defense provision, Russia would cut off some 70 percent of Germany’s natural gas.

If Putin moves against a NATO ally in the winter, German citizens will freeze to death if Berlin adheres to its treaty obligations and joins NATO forces in a counterattack because Putin will cut off the pipeline.

This is something he will have thought through long before he orders his forces to take the offensive.

Trump and his national security team understand well the trap Merkel is walking into on behalf of her country. Trump wants Germany and the rest of Europe to get their natural gas from the U.S., who will never invade the continent and is a reliable ally.

Of course, American energy companies would benefit, but you know wouldn’t?


Merkel dismissed Trump’s criticism, claiming Germany, as a sovereign country, can do as it pleases.

That’s true. But as a sovereign country, Germany can also fall prey to a revisionist great power that possesses a lot of nuclear weapons and will control the lives of so many German citizens if war were to ever break out with Russia.

Trump said it was stupid for the U.S. to pay billions to defend Europe while Germany and NATO member nations were sending billions of dollars to the very country the U.S. is defending them from.

He’s exactly right.

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