(National Sentinel) Desperation: House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is very popular among Trump supporters.

He’s also been a pit bull when it comes to congressional attempts to get information from the Obama-corrupted Deep State regarding probes into the FBI’s [mis]handling of Hillary Clinton’s classified emails and the “Spygate” operation to infiltrate candidate Donald Trump’s campaign.

In recent weeks he’s also expressed an interest in running for House Speaker, to replace RINO Paul Ryan who’s retiring back to Wisconsin.

His incessant questioning of Deep State figures and careerists at the Justice Department and FBI are legendary.

So it only makes sense that the Deep State’s media allies would go after him.

And they have. Enter “fake news central” CNN.

The network is attempting to contact 100-plus former staffers from his days as a wrestling coach for The Ohio State University after being horrendously accused of ignoring a now-deceased team doctor’s alleged groping of some wrestlers.

Five former wrestlers recently ‘came forward’ to tell their story of how Jordan supposedly turned a blind eye to the abuse. Many more former wrestlers and coaches have come forward in Jordan’s defense.

But CNN is playing its dutiful role of propagandist, having long ago abandoned any semblance of journalistic ethics as the network prostrates itself before the altar of militant Leftism.

The pathetic display of bias is too much for Jordan, who has vehemently denied the allegations.

He tweeted on Wedesday, “Now @CNN is contacting all 100+ of our former staff and interns asking for dirt on me. Getting desperate! How can you ever trust such #fakenews?

We’d back Jim Jordan every day of the week and twice on Sundays — for his courage, strength, and political and ethical convictions.

And so will his Freedom Caucus colleagues, all of whom have committed their support to him.

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