(National Sentinel) See them in court: Former federal prosecutor and current lawyer for POTUS Donald Trump revealed another weapon in his arsenal to defend his client from special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt, should the latter ever attempt to indict the president.

It’s called discovery.

Rudy G. would use it to find out just how biased Mueller’s team of Democrat-donating, Democrat-supporting prosecutors really are against the president — and make them defend such bias in court.

On Fox & Friends Monday morning, Giuliani said he doubts that POTUS Trump will sit down with Mueller’s team because there’s no evidence the president did anything wrong with Russia and no charges have even been hinted at, which was supposed to be a requirement to appoint a special counsel.

He said he’d bet that a couple of Mueller’s Democrat lawyers are texting nasty things about his client.

“They haven’t come up with a scintilla of facts that the president had anything to do with the Russians. As the president tells me all the time, ‘I don’t understand this investigation. I never talked to the Russians. I never did anything with the Russians. How could they be investigating me?’ That’s what we’re asking him. Why are you investigating him?” Rudy G. said.

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“You are certainly entitled as a defense lawyer to what’s the basis of this investigation. We don’t see any. You show us something, we got something to answer to. Otherwise, you’re conducting a totally illegitimate investigation.

“And I think a lot of people have come to that conclusion including my friend Alan Dershowitz who has written a fabulous little book about how this is totally unconstitutional… They have to come to grips with the fact that they are investigating an innocent man. And you can do that forever because you’re not going to find any evidence. Somebody has to put an end to this. I hope they do,” Giuliani continued.

I see Mueller surrounded by people he shouldn’t have picked… If they should ever do anything with him (President Trump) I want to see all their texts. I want to see if they’re texting the same thing. And I’m willing to bet a dinner that they are. I’ll bet you two or three of them are texting horrible things about Trump,” said Giuliani.

We won’t take that bet because we agree with Rudy G.


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