(National Sentinel) Is he gone yet? The day when House Speaker Paul Ryan steps down from GOP leadership, packs his bags and heads home to Wisconsin for good can’t come soon enough.

Since his failed vice presidential bid in 2012 with #NeverTrumper Mitt Romney and then becoming speaker, Ryan has taken every opportunity to side with the ruling elite against the interests of true conservatives and is own party.

Now, he’s tossed one of the staunchest, most pro-Constitution conservatives who has been working with POTUS Donald Trump to drain the filthy, fetid swamp Ryan has helped fill in recent years: Freedom Caucus member Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.

You may not know this, but Jordan was a top-rated collegiate wrestler and he later took a job as a wrestling coach at The Ohio State University.

Over the past few weeks, former wrestlers with questionable pasts have begun to attack Jordan over the alleged behavior of former team doctor Richard Strass.

The former wrestlers claim that Strass “ogled” and inappropriately touched them. And they blame Jordan for the doctor’s behavior!

Jordan has repeatedly, and vehemently, denied having any knowledge of those incidents.

And isn’t it just oh-so-convenient for his political opponents that these allegations have surfaced now — as he has expressed an interest in taking over for Ryan as Speaker.

Ryan is having none of that. After all, why would a RINO help a true conservative Republican take over House leadership?

So he’s taking the side of the accusers and the university.

He can’t leave soon enough.

The Washington Examiner reported:

House Speaker Paul Ryan called the recent allegations raised against Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, “serious” in a statement on Friday.

“These are serious allegations and issues,” a spokesman for Ryan told USA Today in an email. “The university has rightfully initiated a full investigation into the matter. The speaker will await the findings of that inquiry.”

Jordan has been accused of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse carried out on members of the Ohio State University wrestling team, where Jordan served as an assistant coach in the 1990s.

In total, five former OSU wrestlers claim that Jordan knew about a pattern of sexual harassment carred out by then-team doctor, Richard Strauss, but failed to act. The Ohio congressman has vehemently denied having direct knowledge of any wrongdoing, and said on Fox News Friday night that the accusers “know what they’re saying is not accurate.”

“What bothers me the most is the guys that are saying these things I know they know the truth. I know they do,” he explained. “We trained with these guys every day, sometimes twice a day. And for — I know what — I know they know what they’re saying is not accurate.”

Jordan has clarified that if the allegations against Strauss, who is now dead, prove to be true, then the victims do deserve justice.

Several other former wrestlers along with Russ Hellickson, OSU’s head wrestling coach during Jordan’s stint with the team, have come to Jordan’s defense.

But not Paul Ryan.

What a disgusting political coward.

We welcome his retirement.

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