Guess which administration ALSO used DNA testing on illegal alien kids at the border? OBAMA

(National SentinelHypocrites and Liars: The perpetually triggered and angry Left has been hammering the Trump administration in recent days over its policy of conducting DNA tests on kids caught with adults crossing illegally into the U.S.

Just last week Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcohontas” Warren, D-Mass., whined to POTUS Trump on Twitter about the practice after he said he’d pay her $1 million to take a DNA test to prove her claim that she’s got Native American blood — which she used in the past to get a job as a professor at Harvard University.

Warren was triggered — again — by POTUS and lashed out against the policy of conducting DNA tests on migrant children to see if the adults they are accompanying really are their parents.

She wrote: “Hey, @realDonaldTrump: While you obsess over my genes, your Admin is conducting DNA tests on little kids because you ripped them from their mamas & you are too incompetent to reunite them in time to meet a court order. Maybe you should focus on fixing the lives you’re destroying.”

By the way, DNA tests are done to ensure that kids actually belong to the adults whom they are traveling with. It helps the administration do what the far Left has been demanding — to keep families together.

By the way, it’s not a new concept: The Obama regime did it too.

And for the same reason.

Obama did it too.

Obama did it too.

Obama did it too.

Gee — do you think Faucahontas will acknowledge that? We don’t.

By the way, Liz, to you and the rest of your perpetually angry, triggered, increasingly insane Leftist Democrats — ICE isn’t the problem. ICE rescued 904 migrant children from being raped, molested and/or abused last year.

You people are the problem.

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