Hispanics for…the GOP? New polling data show REPUBLICANS performing well in Latino districts

(National SentinelPolitical Winds: Democrats and their sycophantic allies in the dishonest establishment media created a “child migrant crisis” narrative with the hopes that allegations of ICE agents and border officials “ripping kids away” from parents would spark outrage against POTUS Donald Trump and Republicans.

Well, there was plenty of outrage alright — by the usual suspects. Democratic lawmakers and their supporters who were already perpetually triggered by POTUS Trump and the GOP remained so.

But what about the narrative’s intended audience, voters in heavily Hispanic districts?

Surely they would be even more outraged than anyone else since they have a kinship with Latinos attempting to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border…right?


According to the National Journal, GOP congressional candidates are doing well in heavily Hispanic districts. Democrats? Not so much.

The news site reported:

Democrats counting on President Trump’s hard-line immigration policies to spark energized Hispanic turnout and a wave against GOP candidates in this year’s midterms will be surprised to see what’s transpiring.

Even during the heat of the family-separation crisis, Democrats are underperforming in heavily Hispanic constituencies, from GOP-held border battlegrounds in Texas to diversifying districts in Southern California to the nation’s most populous Senate battleground in Florida.

Breitbart noted further:

The National Journal article was posted just before the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed unemployment among Latinos had reached a record low of 4.6 percent. Wages are also rising for many people in blue-collar jobs because of President Donald Trump’s “Hire American” economic strategy, which also blocked a June push for a wage-cutting amnesty by business-first Republicans.

So again, Democrats and their Left-wing media buddies demonstrate they don’t have a clue about Trump’s appeal or his core constituency.

Which, by the way, includes Hispanics — a majority of whom support the president’s “hard line” border and immigration enforcement policies.

So do a majority of Americans.

The National Journal noted that Republicans in white-dominated affluent suburbs of Dallas and Houston face more of an electoral challenge, mostly due to women who are not supportive of the president’s policies and have believed the fake news “caged children” narrative.

They should take heart in learning that even Hispanics don’t share their view.

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There is a reason they came here, after all. They do not want the US to become Mexico. They would be right back where they started. Only with better building codes. Well, actually, those would probably go by the wayside too. Culture matters.

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