(National Sentinel) Waste of Money: Under POTUS Donald Trump and a Republican Congress, regulations have been slashed and taxes have been lowered, resulting in full employment and the greatest expansion of the U.S. economy in more than a decade.

There’s no arguing these facts because they are readily verifiable. The economy is doing so well that recently, even the #neverTrump New York Times had to admit there were no more words to describe the success in the job and labor markets.

But for some reason, the socialist authoritarians at the United Nations have a problem with America’s success under POTUS Trump — despite the fact that U.S. taxpayers foot more than 22 percent of the UN’s annual budget.

So much so they are willing to lie in order to distort the success of POTUS Trump and the GOP Congress’ economic policies.

According to a new UN report, poverty in America has worsened during the 17 months of the Trump administration.

Reuters picked up on the report with this fake news headline last month:

To claim that “poverty in the United States is extensive and deepening” under POTUS Trump is absurd on its face. That may be true in far-Left California, but it’s not true for the most of the rest of the country.

The economic numbers don’t lie. Any reporter worth his or her salt can look Google them and figure out the UN report is BS within five minutes.

Now for the truth.

As reported by Investors Business Daily:

Amid all the immigration hoo-ha, maybe you missed the uncritical mainstream media reports of a United Nations study faulting President Trump for poverty in America. Turns out, it’s just more fake news.

An uncritical Reuters headline says it all: “America’s poor becoming more destitute under Trump: U.N. expert”. The Hill’s equally blase headline: “UN poverty official: Trump exacerbating inequality.”

The report — really a first-person narrative — released earlier this month, ripped President Trump for his “contempt” and “hatred of the poor.”

The report cited 18.5 million Americans who live in extreme poverty, and massive U.S. defense spending at the expense of social programs.

Only one problem: As Chuck DeVore, vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, points out, the data on which the study was based came from 2016.

That’s right, President Obama’s last year. So does that make it “fake news”?

Worse, the U.N. report uses misleading and “wildly inaccurate” Census data to bolster its claims of 18.5 million living in the U.S. under extreme poverty. The real level, as a separate study reveals, is “less than half that.”

The report is a distortion, little else. The fact is, unemployment at 3.8% is a 29-year low. Food stamp recipients in 2017 numbered 42.1 million, 2 million below Obama’s last year and the lowest since 2010.

To say that the U.N. report is false and anti-U.S., both in its content and its intent, would be an understatement.

Why does the U.S. remain in this failed globalist money pit that hates America — until it needs something from us?

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