(National Sentinel) MAGA: The far Left has whipped up a frenzy among its chronically deranged supporters for the past month over POTUS Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

The Democratic outrage machine has been in high gear, blasting the president and his administration over its policy of separating children from parents (and adults) when they are caught crossing illegally into America.

The Left’s hysteria has shifted from calls to keep families together to the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), all borders, all corporate profits, all laws, etc.

Democrats’ strategy was the same as it’s always been when it comes to POTUS Trump: Whip up so much anger, outrage, and resentment over immigration policies that finally – finally — his supporters would abandon him in droves.

Once again, Democrats and the crackpots on the far Left have not only proven to be politically impotent and irrelevant but wrong, wrong, wrong.

According to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, POTUS Trump’s approval rating has jumped from 42 percent a month ago to 43 percent now, while his unfavorable rating has fallen.

But here’s the real kicker: According to Harvard-Harris poll released this week, POTUS Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics has lept upward 10 points!

As Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show Thursday night, could it be that Hispanic Americans are just like most other Americans when it comes to issues of illegal immigration and border enforcement?

The answer is a resounding yes.


That doesn’t mean Democrats are through trying to tear our country apart.

In Philadelphia Thursday, George Soros-inspired thugs battled with police at an ICE facility, resulting in nearly 30 arrests.

It’s obvious Democrats don’t give a damn about America. They would rather tear it apart if they’re not in power than come together to fix our problems and address our issues.

Democrats, like the sycophantic establishment media that allies with them, are the enemies of peace, prosperity, and security. And they hate America.

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