(National Sentinel) Disloyal: Happy Birthday, America — the retail chain you helped take to No. 1 hates a majority of you.

Remember the days when Walmart launched its “Made in America” campaign and pledged to carry as much merchandise from U.S. manufacturers as possible? We do. It was a campaign like that one that made the chain the top retailer in the country and one of the top retailers in the world.

These days, WalMart executives and merchandisers not only think it’s better to fill their shelves with “Made in China” products, but that they can give the vast majority of middle Americans and our cousins in the South and West the middle finger.

As reported by Fox News, the retailer has rolled out “Impeach 45” t-shirts and baby clothing…and just in time for Independence Day.

When did crank Maxine Waters get a job at Walmart?

Fox News notes:

Walmart has found itself on the receiving end of a torrent of outrage after it was discovered Monday that the superstore was selling anti-Trump “Impeach 45” apparel on its website.

The outcry sparked a #BoycottWalmart trend on Twitter as users expressed their distaste for the chain promoting the impeachment of President Trump, echoing some Congressional Democrats.

Ryan Fournier, chairman of the group Students for Trump, was one of the first to discover Walmart was selling the clothing item, according to the International Business Times. He asked the company in a tweet, “What kind of message are you trying to send?”

Following Fournier’s tweet, other Twitter users voiced similar outrage, with some pledging to boycott the retailer.

Fox News reported further:

Old Glory is the company that sells the “Impeach 45” apparel and it’s not the only one. A quick search on Walmart.com revealed three other companies selling Trump impeachment merchandise.

A search for “Make America Great Again” apparel yielded plenty of hats, T-shirts and coffee mugs as well.

Don’t you just love how far-Left loons try to wrap themselves around the flag and pretend like they are the Patriots? Or maybe it’s the hypocrisy that gets you, what the with the Left always claiming that capitalism and profits and innovation are bad.

Walmart should feel our wrath via a boycott. To do this right before Independence Day really is disgusting.

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