(National Sentinel) Collapse: The United States became the world’s biggest economy on the principles of free-market capitalism, and while it’s not perfect, it has proven to be far better than any other economic system.

But thanks to Marxist propagandists who have disguised themselves as university professors, many of today’s Millennials have been convinced that socialism is a superior economic model because it professes to promote “equality.”

And it does, in a sense: Socialism makes nearly everyone equally miserable and poor.

We say “nearly” everyone because in every Marxist/socialist system there are the elite, who never suffer and have plenty, and everyone else (See Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, the former Soviet Union and China before it adopted some free-market capitalist policies to become the second largest economy in the world).

The Democratic Party today resembles nothing like the Democratic Party even during the days when Bill Clinton led it. Today it is trending more and more to the hard Left, even to the point where elected Democrats are calling for open borders, the abolishment of ICE, and free everything for everyone (except that nothing’s free).

And for its current leaders, it is already too late to stop the party’s transformation into a nightmarish cauldron of intolerance, hate, and perpetual poverty because more and more Millennial Democrats are embracing the economic models of Marx and Lenin.

In a piece romanticizing about the Democratic Socialists of America, The New York Times reports:

But all over the nation, people, particularly women, are working with near supernatural energy to rebuild democracy from the ground up, finding ways to exercise political power however they can. For the middle-aged suburbanites who are the backbone of the anti-Trump resistance, that often means shoring up the Democratic Party. For younger people who see Donald Trump’s election as the apotheosis of a rotten political and economic system, it often means trying to remake that party as a vehicle for democratic socialism.

Talk of popular control of the means of production is anathema to many older Democrats, even very liberal ones. It plays a lot better with the young; one recent survey shows that 61 percent of Democrats between 18 and 34 view socialism positively… Indeed, while there’s a lot of talk about an ideological civil war among Democrats, on the ground, boundaries seem more fluid. In Pennsylvania recently, I met with moderate suburban resistance activists who’d volunteered for Innamorato, thrilled to support a young woman who could help revitalize the Democratic Party.

American politics tends to be cyclical — or it has been in the past. That means, traditionally, that at some point Democrats may actually be in charge again.

We’re not sure, though. An agenda of ‘free this and that, hate and intolerance for those we disagree with’ doesn’t look appealing to the majority of Americans, at least for now.

Still, that won’t stop large enclaves within our country from becoming mini versions of South America’s failed and failing socialist ‘paradises.’

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