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POTUS Trump dishes on lunatic DEMS but makes GOLDEN prediction about the party’s future

(National SentinelWinning: President Donald Trump joined Maria Bartiromo on the Fox Business Network for an exclusive interview on Sunday to discuss politics, his next Supreme Court pick, Democrats, and his immigration policies.

During the interview, POTUS Trump had a golden prediction about the fate of the Democratic Party, which is moving so far Left its candidates are embracing nation-killing policies like open borders and abandoning the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

As reported by Fox News:

The president then took on Democrats who are calling for the abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), saying the rhetoric would backfire in the upcoming midterms.

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Mayor Bill de Blasio both called for the agency to be eliminated this week.

“Well I hope they keep thinking about it,” Trump said. “Because they’re going to get beaten so badly.  You know ICE, these are the guys that go in and take MS-13, and they take them out. Because they’re much tougher than MS-13, like by a factor of 10. 

“And these are the ones – you get rid of ICE, you’re going to have a country that you’re going to be afraid to walk out of your house,” Trump added. 

The president also referenced comments by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., encouraging Democrats to harass Trump officials in public.

“Between Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, and getting rid of ICE and having open borders, and the biggest thing you have open borders. All it’s going to do is lead to massive, massive crime. That’s going to be their platform, open borders which equals crime.  I think they’ll never win another election.  So I’m actually quite happy about it.

POTUS also noted that his next Supreme Court pick will go “very quickly,” and that he’s going to deliver a “conservative” pick.

And while he said his nominee won’t be subject to a ‘litmus test’ regarding abortion, the president also dropped this nugget, per Fox:

Trump said abortion rights “could very well end up” being determined on a state-by-state basis after a new Supreme Court justice is seated, but the president said he “probably” would not ask his pick to replace retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy how they would vote on Roe v. Wade.

Trump predicted the new Supreme Court nominee, whom he has vowed to name on July 9, would be approved by the Senate “very quickly,” with “a lot of support.”

That would mean a Supreme Court that did not overturn the procedure, which is opposed at various stages by a majority of Americans but rather reinstituted the principle of federalism by allowing states to decide for themselves whether they would allow it within their borders.

By far, POTUS Trump is turning out to be the most conservative president in the modern era.

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