(National Sentinel) Pathetic: Let it be known that from this day forth we’ll never use any material from, or link to, The Daily Wire because it’s ‘conservative’ editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro is a never-Trump chump who is doing the work of the Democratic Party and their mobs of Left-wing lunatics.

Shapiro appeared on HBO Friday evening Bill Maher, a far-Left kook who recently said he had no problem with the economy tanking if it meant ‘getting rid of’ a president who has revived our economy to the point where there are more jobs than there are workers.

Naturally, POTUS Trump was the subject, as he so often is on Maher’s program. Asked about Trump-Russia “collusion,” Shapiro remarked that Trump wasn’t even smart enough to ‘collude’ with Russia but if he did, he’d be just fine with special counsel Robert Mueller indictments and happy to see Trump impeached.

Now, to be sure, there’s no evidence of collusion because it never happened. But if it had, it’s not against the law. You’d think Shapiro, a graduate of Harvard Law School, would know that.

Furthermore, it’s maddening to see pretend conservatives behave as though POTUS Trump has been anything but the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan — and even more so.

Trump has named constitutionalists to the federal courts and the Supreme Court, and he’s about to do so again.

He’s cut personal and corporate income taxes thanks to the one major policy objective RINOs in Congress helped him pass.

His administration has cut through more red tape than any prior administration in decades.

We’re out of the Paris Climate Accords, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the loathsome Iran nuclear ‘deal.’

Our global respect meter is pegging once again.

POTUS’ trade and economic teams are working to redo horrible agreements that have sapped wealth from our country for more than a quarter-century.

He’s even cut White House staff and reduced the administration’s budget by tens of millions of dollars.

But here we have this schmuck Shapiro joining the other increasingly insignificant “conservative intellectuals” in opposing a president who is enacting the very same policies they have all advocated for in the past.

What is their deal? Is it just because Trump doesn’t ‘act’ the way presidents have in the past?

That’s true, he doesn’t. But look at the shape our country was in then; today more Americans than ever are hopeful about the future and believe we are finally on the right track. In fact, according to Rasmussen Reports, the percentage of Americans who say we’re headed the right way today is double what it was during Obama’s final year in office.

But Shapiro wants POTUS Trump indicted and/or impeached — over something that never happened and wasn’t illegal if it had. He’s in favor, obviously, of Mueller’s witch-hunt investigation, which is based on zero intelligence and zero evidence and is riddled with conflicts of interest.

He would rather see our president fail than see him successful. Why?

Watch — if you can stand it:

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