(National Sentinel) Lunatic: We know the Left is all about virtue-signaling because they’re cowards who are afraid to voice their true opinions on most issues.

But sometimes one of them says something so stupid, so asinine, it makes us wonder if they’re just virtue-signaling or if they’re truly out of their minds.

In this case, we think it’s the latter.

Taylor Cox, a writer for NBC, Amazon and the Cartoon Network, actually tweeted this out on Friday:

the only anxiety i have about white extinction is that it’s not happening faster

And again, as you can see, she’s white.

Yes, of course her ridiculous tweet got some attention.

“Writer for NBC, Amazon and Cartoon Network is publicly advocating for white genocide. Why is she not fired yet, are these in line with your values, @cartoonnetwork?” a Swedish journalist noted.

For the record, we don’t advocate genocide for any race, but if Taylor Cox is so prepared to go the way of the Dodo bird, who are we to get in her way?

Just when-when we think we’ve heard the most absurd thing possible from a Lefty, we’re proven wrong.

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