(National Sentinel) Justice: There is no better example proving that Left-wing Democrats hate the Constitution and want the “law” to be whatever they decide it should be on any given day than their anguish over Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement.

Their meltdowns over his retirement announcement has led them all to believe that somehow, their rights are going to simply disappear because POTUS Trump is likely to nominate another “conservative” justice.

Isn’t it odd that they’re worried about losing their rights but they cheer when conservatives and Trump supporters are denied their rights?

Like the right to free speech and expression on, say, a college campus? Or their Second Amendment right to keep and bear any firearm they choose so long as the gun is legal under federal law?

Or their right to privacy — to not be doxxed by a Left-wing news organization simply because they hold different political views?

If anyone has been losing their rights over the past 50 years it’s been conservatives. The country has increasingly lurched left, not right, especially in our biggest cities.

So it’s hypocritical to hear libs complaining now that they’re going to lose their rights under a Trump-appointed Supreme Court.

But they are. And frankly, some of the things they’re saying are completely paranoid and ridiculous.

Listen to the cries of anguish inside a meeting of the Democratic National Committee when Kennedy’s retirement was announced:

Cries of shock and anguish can be heard, as well as a shouted, “Oh my God!”




And so on.

Have you ever seen such paranoid lunacy?

The fact is, there are no “conservative” or “liberal” justices; there are only constitutionalists and non-constitutionalists. And every president should be appointing the former — but Democratic presidents don’t.

They appoint liberal activists who carve out interpretations of the Constitution that fit their political objectives. If liberals melting down over Kennedy’s retirement should fear anyone, it’s that kind of justice.

Whomever Trump picks is likely to be a constitutionalist. That means he or she will respect all of the Constitution’s amendments and provisions — which will benefit all Americans.

The constitutionalist majority won’t be eliminating constitutional rights one by one just to “get” liberals.

Anyone who believes otherwise is just delusional.

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