(National Sentinel) Witch Hunt: A federal judge on Wednesday denied Paul Manafort’s request to have charges brought against him by special counsel Robert Mueller thrown out because they have nothing to do with his mandate to investigate “Trump-Russia collusion” in the 2016 election.

Judge T.S. Ellis III had no alternative. He’s only following the law.

But he’s also been around Washington long enough to know political chicanery when he sees it.

And he sees it in Mueller’s “witch hunt” probe of POTUS Donald Trump.

As reported by The Washington Times, Ellis excoriated Mueller and his Democrat-aligned prosecutors because he knows exactly what’s going on: Mueller’s using Manafort in a blatant attempt to snag POTUS on something.

Judge Ellis, sitting in the Eastern District of Virginia, expressed dismay at the special counsel system and at Mr. Mueller in particular. 

“Given the investigation’s focus on President Trump’s campaign, even a blind person can see that the true target of the Special Counsel’s investigation is President Trump, not defendant, and that defendant’s prosecution is part of that larger plan,” he wrote.

“Specifically, the charges against defendant are intended to induce defendant to cooperate with the Special Counsel by providing evidence against the President or other members of the campaign. Although these kinds of high-pressure prosecutorial tactics are neither uncommon nor illegal, they are distasteful.”

Legal experts say prosecutors will file numerous charges, creating huge legal defense costs, to force targets to talk.

Judge Ellis, appointed by President Ronald Reagan, also attacked the Justice Department for letting special counsel powers get out of hand. Justice replaced the old “independent counsel” law with a new set of “special counsel” regulations meant to reign in open-ended criminal probes the last for years with unlimited budgets.

“The regulations do not require the Special Counsel’s investigation to be limited as to time or budget,” he wrote.

“Thus, to provide a Special Counsel with a large budget and to tell him or her to find crimes allows a Special Counsel to pursue his or her targets without the usual time and budget constraints facing ordinary prosecutors, encouraging substantial elements of the public to conclude that the Special Counsel is being deployed as a political weapon.”

Absolutely Judge Ellis is right.

We agree with Rep. Trey Gowdy. This BS probe is tearing the country apart. Evidence, if it exists, needs to be presented to a grand jury. Otherwise, it needs to end.

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