(National Sentinel) Red Alert: The 2018 NFL season is still a couple of months away but already there is a massive sign that the league’s putrid decision not to intervene against all of the protests and kneeling last year have really hit hard with fans.

In fact, the most ardent fans of all: Those from Texas.

If you know anything at all about football, you know that Texans love it. It’s easily the most pro-football state in the country.

But a new survey by The Texas Tribune and the University of Texas spells devastation for the league:

Screen grab: Image courtesy Texas Tribune

Just 26 percent of registered voters in the state where football is most popular have a favorable view of the NFL.

The Texas Tribune noted further:

Nearly half of the state’s registered voters have an unfavorable opinion of the National Football League, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

Black voters had the most positive opinions of the NFL — 49 percent favorable and 24 percent unfavorable. Among Hispanic voters, 29 percent were positive and 39 percent were negative. White voters were the least impressed of all: 20 percent have a favorable impression of the league, while 55 percent have a negative impression.

More, per The Smokeroom:

Do you hear that sound in the distance? That’s Roger Goodell, NFL executives and owners freaking out right now. Only 26 percent of registered Texas voters have a favorable view of the NFL!

The NFL is in big trouble if the most pro-football state in America is turning against them. Not a single racial group polled had a favorable view above 50 percent, and white and Hispanics were both under 30 percent.

Only Roger Goodell could manage to turn a state that lives and breathes football against the NFL. 

Of course, overall dissatisfaction doesn’t necessarily mean game attendance and viewership will suffer as much.

But it did suffer last year, and apparently in the off-season sentiments regarding the league have only gotten worse, despite a lame, half-hearted attempt to ‘ban’ kneeling (that players are already trying to find a way around).

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