(National Sentinel) Fake News: President Donald Trump traveled to South Carolina to hold a rally Monday night, and of course, much of the media showed up to cover the event.

Most of the Left-wing hacks would likely have rather been doing something else — like fabricating a “child migrant crisis” or ginning up more fake news to incite anger and violence against POTUS and his supporters.

One of them, without a doubt, was CNN‘s Jim Acosta, who was trolled badly at the event as he tried to broadcast.

One older woman led the crowd in a chant, “Go home, Jim!” — which was captured on video:

Someone else held up a “CNN Sucks” sign while Acosta was broadcasting.

When you traffic in fake news designed to hurt POTUS or constantly harangue and insult his press secretary, you really shouldn’t expect anything else at a rally where Trump is appearing.

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