(National Sentinel) Winning: Fired FBI Director James Comey has been running around the country pushing his new book and telling anyone who would listen how much more honorable and moral he is than President Donald Trump.

And, of course, the pathetically dishonest media has been hyping every Comey complaint about his former boss.

Yet, according to the most recent polling data, however, most Americans aren’t buying it.

As reported by Breitbart News, the president is more popular than Comey and the agency he helped Barack Obama politicize and weaponize:

According to the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, Trump’s approval rating is 44 percent, which is a point higher than the FBI’s favorability rating, and 16 points higher than Comey’s.

A YouGov poll released this week shows the FBI with an anemic favorability rating of just 43 percent, a massive tumble of nine points since February. Those who view the FBI unfavorably climbed from just 29 percent in February to 35 percent today. That is a total shift of 15 points against the FBI.

The partisan breakdown of this poll, which was taken after the release of the Inspector General’s devastating report, shows that only 37 percent of Republicans view the FBI favorably, while a full 50 percent grade the FBI unfavorably.

Incredibly, the FBI’s favorability rating is even lower with Independents, 33 percent, while 36 percent hold an unfavorable view.

The only true partisan divide on this issue is with Democrats, 62 percent of whom view the FBI favorably, while only 25 percent disagree.

A poll commissioned by CNN, an embattled, far-left cable channel that spreads fake news and conspiracy theories, found that Mr. Comey, who has enjoyed months of glowing publicity from the establishment media, holds a favorability rating of just 28 percent.

Also newsworthy is the fact that, according to Real Clear Politics poll of polls, the corporate media’s manufactured border “crisis” has had zero effect on Trump’s approval rating. His approval rating was at 44 percent (43.7 to be exact) on June 13, and it is at 44 percent today.

Even better, the president’s disapproval rating has improved from 52 to 51 percent.

Seems like most Americans still know BS when they hear it.

One more thing: We’ve noticed that pretend GOP ‘consultants,’ strategists, and media types like Bill Kristol and Rick Wilson are becoming as triggered as the Left when it comes to POTUS’ continued popularity and rising approval ratings.

We assume it’s for the same reason: They are beginning to realize they’re just not relevant anymore, and it ticks them off.

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