(National Sentinel) Civil War: We’ve not been shy in calling out the fakestream media over its many fabrications regarding the manufactured “migrant child crisis” along the U.S.-Mexico border.

We’ve even gone so far as to suggest that the media is an enemy of the state and the biggest threat to the civil society we’ve ever faced.

These purveyors of lies and deceit would rather see our country destroyed in order to help criminal Marxist Democrats seize power than report news and events honestly and let the American people decide on a course of action, through their representatives in Congress.

On his Thursday night program, Fox News host Tucker Carlson nailed it when he described what is happening in our country thanks, in large part, to the frenzy being whipped up by the fake news media that opposes law and order and sensible border enforcement.

Specifically, he talked about how DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen was accosted at a D.C. Mexican restaurant this week and forced to leave by howling Leftists, while he addressed the anger surrounding the Trump administration’s response to family separation at the border.

“What you are watching there is propaganda. Over time, it’s effective, and, of course, that’s why they do it. But what does it do to the country? Just ask DHS secretary, Kristjen Nielsen.

“She tried to have dinner at a restaurant in downtown Washington,” Tucker began, introducing video that showed Nielsen was shouted out of the restaurant.

“Are there no Norwegian restaurants in Washington, D.C.?’” he asked.

As for those who said that Nielsen should not have eaten at a Mexican restaurant, Carlson noted, “In other words, when it comes to eating, stick to your own race. Oh. Stop the race mixing, mean DHS secretary.

“Keep in mind, there was a time not so long ago when liberals opposed segregation. There was also a time when liberals supported nonviolence. No longer,” he said.

This is how countries fall apart. When one side ceases to see the other side is human. Progressive leaders could do a lot to cool the tone here. They don’t even try.”

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