(National Sentinel) No Class: Gracious and beautiful first lady Melania Trump has expressed empathy for what’s happening along the U.S. southwest border. Rather than blame the migrants for breaking our laws or the U.S. border personnel doing their jobs, she understands it’s a bad situation for everyone involved.

So on Thursday she made a surprise visit to the border, both to support her POTUS husband and to show some concern and compassion for those caught up in bad U.S. immigration law that Democrats have no interest in helping Republicans and President Trump fix.

As reported by The Western Journal:

First lady Melania Trump made an unannounced visit to a Texas facility Thursday to get a first-hand look at some of the migrant children sent there by the U.S. government after their families entered the country illegally.

The first lady’s stop at Upbring New Hope Children’s Center in McAllen came the morning after President Donald Trump signed an executive order halting the practice of separating these families. Trump had come under pressure to stop the practice, including from GOP allies and the first lady herself, following a public outcry sparked by widespread images of children held in fence-like structures.

The trip was intended to lend support to those children who remain separated from their parents, said Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s spokeswoman.

“She wanted to see everything for herself,” Grisham said.

Accompanied by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Mrs. Trump met with the executive director of the facility and other staff in a makeshift conference room where she was told the staff treated the 58 children housed there as if they were their own.

You know who won’t go to the border? The lamestream media hacks, Left-wing entertainers, Democrats and their supporters who are going to lambast the first lady for making this trip.

They will accuse her of being phony. They will say she just did it to take heat off POTUS and that it was just a publicity stunt (even though the current first lady doesn’t do publicity stunts).

We wouldn’t be surprised, in fact, if some unhinged so-and-so even made a comment to the effect, “Well, she didn’t leave her kid down there!”

That’s because the Left is full of perpetually angry, triggered, hypocrites who are borderline insane. Everything this president does is grounds for more hate and more anger.

POTUS Trump said his wife had been talking about this issue with him for some time. He said she is really passionate about it. We believe him. Her trip proves that.

But all it’s going to do is further antagonize the deranged Left. Bank on it.

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