(National Sentinel) Complicit Media: The pretend media in America appears to have settled on a new strategy to drive President Donald Trump from office: Whip up weak-minded presidential opponents into a frenzy and have them take him out — violently.

That helps explain why CNN and the rest of the propagandists posing as journalists have focused so intensely on an issue that has been a problem for years — the illegal alien and child migrant “crisis” along the U.S./Mexico border.

Let’s be clear: No one likes to see children mistreated or abused (unless, of course, you’re a washed-up actor named Peter Fonda and it’s POTUS Trump’s child you’re endangering).

But let’s be equally clear about a couple of other things: (1) The Trump administration is not abusing migrant children who illegally cross the border with adults. (2) Those kids are being well-taken care ofbetter than millions of American children. (3) It is not Trump’s fault or the fault of anyone in the administration that migrant adults are putting children in harm’s way just to game our system.

So to watch the pretend media whip people into a frenzy over this fake, phony “crisis” is disgusting. But it’s more than that: It’s dangerous. It’s going to get someone killed.

Rush Limbaugh made that observation on his top-rated talk show Wednesday:

Okay, folks, I’m just gonna say it here. If the media keeps this up — if they keep up generating this hysteria — somebody’s gonna get killed. I think we’re pretty close to somebody getting killed already, and I’m not being hyperbolic, and I’m not trying to call attention to myself. I’m genuinely worried about the out-of-control aspect of this. The news media’s fanning the flames. The news media is leading the way on this. It’s again an oxymoron. News media? There is no media, and none of this is news.

We made similar observations yesterday as well. In response to Fonda’s sick tweet about Barron Trump and the first lady, we noted that unless some arrests are made by the Secret Service when sickos threaten the first family, threats are “not going to stop and are only going to get worse if they’re not prosecuted. And what happens when an equally sick person acts on these threats?”

What we and others have predicted is starting to come true.

As The Gateway Pundit reports, a Stuart, Fla., man has been arrested for threatening to kill GOP Rep. Brian Mast’s children over POTUS Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

Congressman Brian Mast is an Army Veteran and double-amputee; he lost both of his legs while serving in Afghanistan.

As further reported by TCPalm:

A Stuart man was arrested Tuesday after a federal complaint states he threatened U.S. Rep. Brian Mast’s children over the Trump administration’s child-separation immigration policy. 

Laurence Key called Mast’s Washington office Monday and said, “I’m going to find the congressman’s kids and kill them,” an intern who took the call told the FBI, according to a federal complaint filed in U.S. District Court. “If you are going to separate kids at the border, I’m going to kill his kids.”  

Key is charged with communication of a threat to kidnap or injure a person in regard to Mast’s children, a girl and two boys younger than 8.

This whack job has contacted Mast’s office more than 470 times, according to the federal complaint. He’s also contacted the offices of GOP Sen. Marco Rubio and Democrat Bill Nelson, both of Florida.

This is precisely the kind of weak-minded lunatic the pretend media is attempting to trigger. Just like 26-year-old Sean Christy of McAdoo, Pa., who is being sought by authorities because he has threatened to kill POTUS.

They want violence, death, and blood in the streets over this completely fabricated “issue.” What’s more, when it happens they want to blame it all on Trump. And it doesn’t surprise us that they want to see POTUS Trump himself threatened.

It’s disgusting, but that’s what the fake news media has become these days: So filled with hate and resentment because their anointed queen didn’t win in 2016.

The pretend media in America is the enemy of America. And they’re trying to incite a civil conflict because they disagree with a president who is trying to put Americans first.

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