(National Sentinel) Cover-Up: Democrats and the American Pravda media are continuing to hammer President Donald Trump over his “zero tolerance” policy of arresting everyone caught crossing the border illegally, which often results in their being separated from any children accompanying them.

Sometimes the children actually belong to the arrested illegal alien. Many times, however, the kids have no relation at all to the arrested adult.

Nevertheless, it’s now a “crisis” because the media and Democrats say it is — though what’s going on with migrant children today is far better than when Obama was in office.

Because he was a Democratic president, however, whatever he did was just fine. Even if he actually put kids in cages and then wrapped them up in tin-foil-like “heat” blankets.

Or when he had them handcuffed.

Image credit: Reuters (Used with permission)

There are several more and you can see them here at The Daily Caller.

You’ll notice many of them look very similar to what the Pravda media is showing us today. Only these images were taken in 2014. 

Why are they just now surfacing?

The answer is: This is a manufactured crisis, and the media is in on it.

Like the unhinged Democrats, they, too, see this as an issue to saddle Trump with.

Only, Trump didn’t create this situation (Obama did). Trump didn’t sign any legislation that created this situation (G.W. Bush did).

Trump is merely following through on his campaign pledge to get our border under control and to improve border security. He’s doing that by making it difficult for anyone who thinks they can continue to flout our laws with impunity.

It’s what he was elected to do. That’s why his approval rating continues to remain high (and rising).

Democrats and their Pravda media allies don’t care about these migrant kids. All they care about is making them a political issue they can use to attack Trump.

In the process, they are whipping up a level of anger and resentment among their supporters that will lead to violence and likely death at some point. Perhaps even an attack on POTUS Trump himself.

Maybe that’s what they’re hoping for since they can’t run him out of office with a bogus “counterintelligence” investigation, a fake “Russian collusion” narrative, or a never-ending special counsel probe.

These are disgusting people, Democrats and the Pravda media. They’d do anything including destroying our country to grab power.

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