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Audio: Congressional intern SCREAMS ‘F**k you!’ at POTUS Trump — Will she be FIRED?

(National SentinelNo Decorum: President Donald Trump is certainly an unconventional politician and he’s certainly plain-spoken. But he’s still the president of the United States and he deserves to be treated as such, regardless of one’s personal political leanings.

That includes congressional interns, especially, who are extremely lucky to have an opportunity to serve in government at the entry level. Not everyone who wants to gets to.

Screaming obscenities at the president as he walks through the Capitol Building on his way to a meeting with lawmakers is not something anyone should be doing, much less an intern.

And yet, because the perpetually triggered Left has ‘decided’ that Trump somehow doesn’t deserve the respect his elected office commands they can treat him like he’s some unruly fan at a baseball game.

This level of disrespect is not simply inappropriate for POTUS Trump, it’s inappropriate for any president. These incidents are like dog whistles to the perpetually triggered, mentally weak among the Left; they signal that this president doesn’t rise to the level of real presidents and thus deserves ire, condemnation, and maybe even harm.

It’s got to stop.

The video capturing the incident was taken by Fox News’ Chad Pergram.

He tweeted: “Congressional aide or intern yells “Mr President, f*%k you!” from across the Capitol Rotunda as he walks to the Speaker’s office before mtg with House GOPers on immigration. Gets attention of USCP/Secret Service”…

”The woman who heckled the President most likely had to either be an intern or aide. Someone with a hard Congressional pass allowing access to the Rotunda area after hours. The Capitol closes to public tours ar 4:30 pm et.”

Awful. She should be dismissed immediately.

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1 Comment on Audio: Congressional intern SCREAMS ‘F**k you!’ at POTUS Trump — Will she be FIRED?

  1. If an employee of a company shouted profanities to a manager, they are typically fired. This intern has done far worse and deserves complete and immediate termination of her services. Her disrespect of the President is a punishable offense.

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