(National Sentinel) Smack-Down: The ‘debate’ over the separation of migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border is a fake “crisis” created by #neverTrumpers to use as a wedge issue, pure and simple.

Former first lady Laura Bush waded into the ‘debate’ over the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy regarding illegal entry into the U.S.: All who do so are criminals because they are breaking American laws and, as such, they will be prosecuted (not caught and released).

If they have children with them, well, they’re going to be separated from those children. And bear in mind that the migrant adult is making the conscious decision to break our laws with children in tow; no one in the Trump administration is at fault for that. In fact, everyone from POTUS Trump on down is trying to convince migrant adults not to enter illegally at all, with or without children.

Bush penned an op-ed for The Washington Post, no less, blasting Trump and his ‘heartless’ administration and comparing separating children from lawbreaking adults akin to “Japanese internment camps” in the U.S. during World War II.


It was too much for talk radio host constitutional expert Mark Levin.

“It’s very simple if they really want to fix this issue of illegal aliens coming into this country with children,” Levin said during the opening monologue of his Tuesday program.

“In some cases, it’s not their own children. In some cases, they have kidnapped the children. In some cases, they abuse the children. In some cases, the adults are criminals. In some cases, they have violated our immigration laws repeatedly and have been deported repeatedly,” he continued.

“It’s very simple. Secure the southern border. If an adult comes here with a child, put ‘em on a bus and send ‘em home! But no, suddenly the Democrats have an issue. We talked about this last week. I could smell it. I could see what they were doing. And the media, of course, are there to stoke the flames. The most outrageous statements were being made by so-called reporters and guests,” said Levin.

Then he took aim at Bush — whose husband signed the 2008 legislation making this nightmare a reality.

“And I must say, first lady Laura Bush, shame on you. Japanese internment camps? Are you kidding me? And others in the media mentioning Nazi concentration camps? Are you out of your minds?”

“These centers for these kids, they didn’t just get built when Donald Trump was President of the United States,” he concludes.

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