(National Sentinel) Foreign Aid: During a Monday night appearance on Fox News‘ with hose Laura Ingraham, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired back at critics claiming that the Trump administration is solely responsible for the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Explaining that a huge loophole in American immigration law that was left open by the Obama administration (and never addressed by Democrats when they held the congressional majority during Obama’s first two years in office), Sessions noted that POTUS Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy of prosecuting all people who cross illegally into the U.S. is the only way, short of a wall or changes in U.S. law, to address the problem.

“We have watched what happened with the Obama policies, and over years, we went from 15,000 illegal entries to 75,000 — this is a huge loophole in our system that’s attracting more and more people, as more and more people understand that, under previous policies, if they enter the country unlawfully, that nothing will happen,” Sessions said.

He also criticized those who compared ICE and Border Patrol officials to Nazis, saying the Department of Homeland Security was taking good care of children brought along with lawbreaking adults.

“We are taking care of these children; they are not being abused,” Sessions added. “We’ve had a big surge of families bringing children or some adults bringing children with them.”

He also noted that U.S. taxpayers shelled out $1 billion in 2017 to take care of other countries’ children.

We’ve criticized Sessions a great deal in the past for being a lackluster AG. We don’t believe he had any grounds whatsoever to recuse himself from the Justice Department’s “Russia” investigations. His recusal directly led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller — who was illegally appointed by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein because he never cited any laws that the Trump campaign was alleged to have broken.

But on the issue of immigration enforcement Sessions has been on point, aggressively enacting POTUS Trump’s agenda of full enforcement of all immigration-related laws.

That said, there is question routinely left out of the ridiculously hypocritical “debate” over this manufactured “crisis”: What is Mexico’s role?

We’ve all seen the pictures of migrants — kids and adults — riding atop trains as they traverse the Mexican countryside.

Earlier this year Mexican officials were barely intervening at all when as a migrant “caravan” steadily made its way to the U.S. border, where participants “demanded asylum.”

For decades Mexico has been allowed to export its poverty to the United States. Much of the money earned in the U.S. by legal and illegal migrants is sent back home to families south of the border. That revenue stream is one of Mexico’s largest, behind oil production and tourism.

Meanwhile, Mexico has been the loudest voice in lodging complaints against the Trump administration for enforcing U.S. laws against illegal border crossing.

That goes beyond ironic. It’s absurd.

Mexico is set to elect its own version of Sen. Bernie Sanders as its next president on July 1. Andrés Manuel López Obrador is a committed Left-wing socialist who would do to Mexico what Nicolas Maduro has done to Venezuela.

Imagine if he’s only partially successful.

The loss of jobs and industry from socialist policies would not only turn Mexico into a supersized version of Venezuela, it will cause an exodus of migrants to the U.S. the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

And as now, the Mexican government will do little-to-nothing to continue exporting its poverty.

We have no idea what the conversations are about when U.S. and Mexican trade negotiators and diplomats get together to discuss issues.

But if requiring Mexico to amp up its border enforcement efforts isn’t on the table, it needs to be, and quickly.

July 1 is coming soon. It’s not clear how quickly Obrador will get his administration up and running and his policies in place.

That said, the Trump administration needs to be crystal clear to him that any foreign aid and other trade perks the U.S. is providing Mexico now will end without a serious, substantial effort by Mexico City to help us end the outsourcing of third-world poverty to American taxpayers.

The Mexican government has a role to play in our “migrant crisis.” It’s time we asked them to do so.

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