(National Sentinel) Karma: The Pravda media considers the Left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center to be an ‘authority’ on determining which organizations constitute “hate groups.”

In reality, the SPLC is a hate group in an of itself, reserving most of its ire towards conservative organizations that don’t toe the progressive-Marxist line.

It has falsely lumped together such organizations as the American Family Association, a conservative Christian organization that stands in support of Biblical truths and principles, and other right-leaning groups like the Center for Academic Freedom, in with actual hate groups like the KKK and New Black Panther Party.

But because the Pravda media give the organization so much weight, the SPLC has far more influence than it should. That’s why when it falsely accuses an organization of being a “hate group,” there are multiple negative repercussions, especially when it comes to fundraising.

One organization had enough of being falsely accused, and as such struck back in court. The Daily Caller reports:

The controversial Southern Poverty Law Center has reached a settlement to anti-extremist organization Quilliam resulting in an apology and a $3.375-million payment for wrongly naming the group and its founder as anti-Muslim extremists.

The SPLC originally placed the organization and president Maajid Nawaz in a list directed for journalists named the Field Guide for Anti-Muslim Extremists.

“Mr. Nawaz and Quilliam have made valuable and important contributions to public discourse, including by promoting pluralism and condemning both anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamist extremism,” SPLC president Richard Cohen said in a statement.

The money from the legal settlement will be used to “fund work fighting anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamist extremism,” according to a statement from Quilliam.

“With the help of everyone who contributed to our litigation fund, we were able to fight back against the Regressive Left and show them that moderate Muslims will not be silenced,” said Nawaz.  “We will continue to combat extremists by defying Muslim stereotypes, calling out fundamentalism in our own communities, and speaking out against anti-Muslim hate.”

Quilliam, an anti-Islamist think tank based in London, was founded in 2008 by former members of the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Justice has been done, but unfortunately, don’t expect the SPLC to discontinue its long practice of purposefully misidentifying conservative and right-leaning organizations as “hate groups.”

“A list of KKK, Neo-Nazi, and other violent groups could be a non-partisan service to the public. But that isn’t what the cash-infused Southern Poverty Law Center provides,” said Casey Mattox, head of the Center for Academic Freedom, who claimed that because his organization was misidentified he was nearly killed.

“Instead, the Southern Poverty Law Center expressly acknowledges that its list is biased, focused on taking out groups it describes as the ‘American radical right’ – which it defines broadly, smearing all its opponents equally.”

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