(National Sentinel) America First: Anyone who’s being honest knows that Europe is in chaos thanks to the continent’s ‘open borders’ policy when it comes to migrants from the Middle East.

Most countries have been more than welcoming to migrants from all over the region, but especially war-torn Syria.

The most welcoming — Germany, France, and Britain — have seen crime skyrocket, mostly due to crimes being committed by immigrant communities. Terrorist attacks in those countries have gone up as well.

The situation has gotten so bad in Germany that Chancellor Angela Merkel is said to be in her final days of leadership.

Now, the same Leftists who are applauding the destruction of Europe and its largely Caucasian culture are seething at POTUS Trump for following the same policy regarding the separation of migrant children from criminal adult border crossers that Obama followed.

They want the U.S. to be an open-borders nation as well, and for the same reason: An influence of alien culture not only dilutes American culture but mass importation of third-world poor depresses wages, creates more poverty throughout the country, more division among Americans, and more social chaos from crime.

Trump is having none of it.

On Monday, during a speech before the National Space Council, POTUS vociferously defended his policy of criminally prosecuting anyone who crosses the border illegally, even if they have children.

“The United States will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. It won’t be. You look at what is happening in Europe and other places, we can’t allow it to happen to the United States. Not on my watch,” Trump declared.

His comments were a continuation of an earlier statement he tweeted out: “We don’t want what is happening with immigration in Europe to happen with us!”

The Pravda media have used the president’s policy of zero tolerance to manufacture a “migrant child crisis” at the U.S.-Mexico border. The same Pravda media, Democrats, and gutless RINOs ignored separating children from adults when Obama was doing it. In fact, the Obama regime was releasing kids to human traffickers and other criminals, as was reported in 2016.

POTUS Trump knows that our culture, as well as our economy and the future of our children, hang in the balance. Plus, he’s got the backing of most of the country.

Why the Left thinks they’ll be successful in opposing POTUS Trump on this issue is baffling.

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