(National Sentinel) Fact-Check: As the Left explodes over the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of separating children from illegal border crossers, the very first casualty in the war of words has been the truth.

Facts don’t matter to Democratic Marxists and their sycophantic allies in the Pravda media. This “issue” is just the latest attempt to drive a wedge between Americans and saddle the Trump administration with a ‘scandal.’

As we reported earlier, the migrant child “crisis” dates back to 2014 during the Obama administration, when kids were actually kept in cages (unlike today):

The Trump administration is taking much better care of children who either are accompanying illegal migrants or who have arrived at the U.S. border all by themselves (aided, no doubt, by a complicit Mexican government).

In fact, these children of illegal migrants are being treated better than 13 million American children, according to Breitbart News:

Migrant children who cross into the United States either alone or with adults have a higher standard of living once they are put into federal care than the more than 13 million American children who are living in poverty across the country.

In Fiscal Year 2017, the federal government referred nearly 41,000 unaccompanied minor border crossers to the Unaccompanied Alien Children program which is facilitated by the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Data provided to Breitbart News reveals that each unaccompanied minor costs the federal government about $34,660 annually. This is a higher standard of living per child than the roughly 13 million American children who continue to live below the U.S. poverty line.

In 2016, there were about 13.2 million American children under the age of 18 living in poverty. These are U.S. children, for example, whose parents or guardians –in a household of four — earn less than $24,500 a year.

“Those comfortable living conditions include lodging, meals, clothing, medical care, education, recreation, counseling, among other services,” the news site noted.

Americans spend $1.4 billion annually caring for illegal alien children. Imagine — after a decade a $15 billion border wall would be paid for.

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