(National Sentinel) No Legitimacy: While Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s extensive report failed specifically state the obvious — that there was plenty of anti-Trump bias in the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails — POTUS lawyer Rudy Giuliana says it’s clear that special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt has to end.

As reported by The Western Journal:

The Department of Justice Inspector General’s report that disclosed widespread anti-Trump bias is reason enough to halt special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s lawyers, said Thursday.

Giuliani made the case that the report proves the Mueller team is infested with the same bias that the DOJ’s top watchdog found was rampant in the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton.

The report, which can be read at the Justice Department’s website, depicted a pervasive culture of bias against Trump at the FBI and Justice Department. The report did not dispute the findings of the year-long investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, but said that the rampant bias was a threat to the public’s ability to trust the nation’s top law enforcement officials.

Some individuals mentioned in the report have had roles in the Mueller investigation.

For example, FBI special counsel Lisa Page and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok sent anti-Trump text messages, including one in which Strzok, talking about Trump potentially being elected president, wrote, “We’ll stop it.”

Strozek at one point worked on the Mueller investigation.

An FBI attorney who spent time on the Mueller investigation texted, “Viva le resistance” after Trump was elected president, the report said.

“I believe that (Deputy Attorney General) Rod Rosenstein and (Attorney General) Jeff Sessions have a chance to redeem themselves and that chance comes about tomorrow. It doesn’t go beyond tomorrow,” Giuliani said during his appearance on Fox News‘ Sean Hannity Friday.

“Tomorrow, Mueller should be suspended and honest people should be brought in, impartial people to investigate these people like Strzok,” he added. “Strzok should be in jail by the end of next week.”

Noting that he was speaking for himself and not his client, POTUS Trump, Giuliani said the president was nevertheless justified in his criticism of the Mueller probe as a “witch hunt” as well as his firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

“We are way beyond Hillary Clinton. We now have an investigation that in the words of President Donald Trump from the very beginning has been a fix, a frame-up, and a witch-hunt. It was led by Peter Strzok, who is disgraceful and even for the present director of the FBI to have him there tomorrow would be disgraceful.

“Every FBI agent should demand that that man be fired and tomorrow Mueller should suspend his investigation,” Giuliani said, according to Real Clear Politics.

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